Sunday Buffet with Live Music

Sunday Buffet with Live Music

Due to demand, the new Sunday Buffet with Live Music has just been re-launched by Thorfynn’s Restaurant at Monkey Valley Resort, Noordhoek, South Africa.

Sunday Buffet with Live Music

Due to the new website development for Monkey Valley Resort, I do some testing here. If you wish to check out the menu and prices for the Sunday Buffet with Live Music, please go to the website HERE.

Sunday Buffets @ Monkey Valley Resort, Noordhoek, South Africa

Monkey Valley Website Development

Things are hectic here as the new arrangements for Christmas and New Year are being made at Monkey Valley… that I then have to translate into something to integrate in my website development on Semiomantics XO. Just wait for it; you will love it :)


Noordhoek Restaurants

Noordhoek Restaurants

Thorfynn’s Restaurant at Monkey Valley Resort certainly ranges amongst the places to go to when it comes to eat, wine and dine in Noordhoek Restaurants! Relaxing on the famous TreeTops Deck and sipping your drink while the sun sets is just not to be missed… in fact, one can get addicted to it! Meanwhile, you can really let go as your kids can play in a safe environment where you can keep an eye on them… and, best of all, your pets are most welcome! Even they will enjoy some personalized service :)

Kids & Pets are welcome at Monkey Valley Resort, Noordhoek, South Africa

Noordhoek Restaurants

Noordhoek Restaurants are a hot tip for Capetonians who want to get out of the city buzz and spend some time in a natural and idyllic ambiente where you still hear the fisheagle’s cry and see whales in the bay.
What makes Thorfynn’s Restaurant so special is its unique position amongst rare, old milkwood forests – which protects it from the fierce galeforce winds that rule at times – and the spectacular views across Noordhoek Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. You gotta see it to believe it…

And then – of course – there is Darren Byrne with his smiling Team who will do their best to make your visit enjoyable. After the cold and rough winter months, there’s a new spirit and as I am developing the new website here… check back regularly as we will now bring out the mouth-watering menus for the holiday season! You will find the relevant info under “Wine & Dine” and under “Events”… Surely, Christmas and New Year 2012 are quite some events to look forward to and to book soon!

Subscribe to Monkey Valley Resort

My best tip for you to keep updated without any spam coming your way ever is to SUBSCRIBE to Monkey Valley Resort – just find it on the new website HERE (RSS top right… or scroll down on the BLOG).

If you haven’t been to Monkey Valley Resort yet, why not go there next Sunday – have a Roast Lunch and listen to LIVE music!

We’ll be back with more soon!

New Monkey Valley Resort Blog

New Monkey Valley Resort Blog

The new website development for Cape Town’s hottest tip when it comes to nature resorts within a radius of about 30 km from the Mother City: Monkey Valley Resort in Noordhoek, is planned and set out in a highly dynamic and search engine efficient way. This means it has a blog where visitors, clients and Monkey Valley afficinados can expect regular updates in their various topics of interest.

Monkey Valley Resort - What our Guests Say!

So in case you go straight to the Homepage – as explained earlier HERE – make sure you get the inside story by clicking on BLOG… or any other tab that interests you!

Click on the image below and go straight there to have a look… remembering, that I’m still busy at it and hopefully get the details for the integration of the Booking System by tomorrow (Monday). That will make things so much easier for all sides!

New Monkey Valley Resort Blog - Web Design by Bianca Gubalke

New Monkey Valley Resort Blog

When you arrive on the new Monkey Valley Resort Blog, you find the main menu at the top, which is always your way back, eg. to the Homepage. But actually there’s no way to get lost here… just find out what interests you and book now! I will create a special button for that as it’s just so important, especially now as the big holiday system around Christmas and the New Year is approaching!

Underneath the top menu, you find 6 tabs in form of attractive sprites that bring you all the information you need about the topic of your interest. We love your comments! There’s also a way to leave your message under “Contact” (top right).

RSS Monkey Valley Resort

If you want to know what’s happening when it happens, subscribe to the RSS Monkey Valley Resort feed stream (top right, next to Contact). Get it right on your screen and enjoy being part of the Monkey valley Family!

Please note that certain things may still change as new items crystallize… Monkey Valley is full of surprises and very creative when it comes to new ideas!!!

What our Guests Say

We love to get positive feedback – and you may find yourself rotating on the website! Just fun!

Just scroll down on the page, check out what interests you and watch the Monkey Valley Videos to get an idea of the atmosphere. All videos were done with a simple handheld NIKON Coolpix P90 for the fun of it… main thing is everyone has a good time and we can share it with the rest of the world! Find us on YouTube!

Good Morning from Noordhoek

Good Morning from Noordhoek

Good Morning from Noordhoek is an inspiring greeting showing Life in a Day, each day, in Noordhoek, South Africa.

Good Morning from Noordhoek by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Good Morning from Noordhoek

It’s amazing to see one’s life evolving within a bigger context – when documented in a simple way as my “Good Morning from Noordhoek” greeting that I created for you over the past month, day after day… sometimes reaching into the evenings when the days were too wet, too gloomy or I just couldn’t get off the hook to do a photo!

On 9th October 2011, we saw the birth of a little sunbird baby on the right side of our terrace, in the huge strelitzia nicolai leaning against my studio wall, sheltered from the winter storms. It was so well hidden that it wasn’t easy to follow developments up in the air! This changed once the little one was out and I followed its first wobbly and wondrous round outside in the big wide world… and its first ‘own’ nibblings while still demanding food from his poor parents like there was no tomorrow! Surely a male :) Meanwhile, he has grown into a beautiful emerald sunbird that greets me every day the moment I open the Studio door!

Now it’s already warmer and another couple of emerald sunbirds have chosen the other side – the sunny side of the terrace… with a view of Chapman’s Peak and the Atlantic Ocean… However, the entrance of the nest facing our atrium so we can basically watch the secret life of birds as they can watch ours, and of course, I have a much better view for the camera.

Again, I am documenting as much as time allows – but the greatest is to enjoy the presence and the trust of these beautiful ethereal beings… they even fly right into my studio at times, sit on the Bali banana trees, look at me with their bright inquisitive pinpoint eyes and a hearty chirp – and out they are again!

May today’s greeting bring you happy moments like this!

Good Morning from Noordhoek

Good Morning from Noordhoek

Good Morning from Noordhoek is an inspiring greeting showing Life in a Day, each day, in Noordhoek, South Africa!

Good Morning from Noordhoek by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Good Morning from Noordhoek

Good Morning from Noordhoek started with heavy rain showers… and I had to go out for most of the day. While being in the area, I noticed the most incredible cloud formations above Chapman’s Peak and Silvermine Nature Reserve as well as above the Atlantic Ocean… I stopped many times to do some quick shots… it was absolutely astonishing! While I missed a beautiful rainbow as I was told, the sun came out in a blast and everything was shining like in a new light.

King Protea Photo

That’s when I took the above photo of a stunning King Protea right here along the path up to my home on the mountain… with bees and beetles having a late breakfast and a warm bath in the sun.

End of Mayan Calendar

Here’s wishing you a blessed Friday – just the right swing to start into the weekend!

I’m sure there will be a stunning sunset today – which is a special day as it marks the end of the Mayan Calendar and the beginning of the era of Co-Creation and Unity. I hope that’s why we’ve come here in the first place…

World Design Capital 2014

World Design Capital 2014

Truthful to our mission to regularly monitor the results of our articles on our WP based Semiomantics Scripts in terms of their Google performance, let’s have a look at the latest buzzword especially down here in Cape Town, South Africa: “World Design Capital 2014”! WOOHOO! That’s the award the Mother City received today… and the town is shaking!

Cape Town World Design Capital 2014 on Google

World Design Capital 2014 on Google

Despite the fierce competition following the exciting announcement this morning, you see on the above screenshot to which rank exactly my article earlier today – READ HERE – has made it: Position 3 on Google Top 10! That’s worth a celebration too!

The Importance of being part of a Network

As you may notice, the article is carried up to this high rank through the YORGOO Publishing Network, of which I am a Co-Founder. So far, the article on my Author Blog has made it to page 4… and it will probably continue to climb.

We see very clearly the importance of being part of a Network: whether your article reaches maximum exposure on Google Top 10 with your own blog or whether it’s been carried there through your network – all links and credits staying intact of course – does not really matter here… as long as you get there. From experience we know that – ultimately – the original article makes it there and… it sticks.

This exactly is the interest of everyone who has a product or service to sell online: to be visible on Google Top 10 to attract people looking for them – provided they target correctly in terms of keywords. Being part of the YORGOO Publishing Network has its merits – all our Web Design customers know that and benefit from extra exposure… meaning more traffic… meaning more visitors… meaning more conversion… meaning everybody is happy!

Cape Town World Design Capital 2014

Cape Town World Design Capital 2014

Congratulations: at about 6:30 am South African time this morning, straight from Taipei in Taiwan, Cape Town was awarded the prestigious crown of World Design Capital 2014 !!!

What a feeling! Having seen and been part of the dramatic changes of this amazing country especially since 1994, I can just say: WOW! A very, very happy WOW… and I know Table Mountain has been shaking from all the celebrations… probably it still is!

What an evolution… and if you click on the picture below you see the short video that was screened at the International Design Alliance (IDA) Congress in Taipei during what was called “… an electrifying announcement of the Mother City’s win”. The brief clip was created by Muti Films with Freshlyground’s young, vibrant and unmistakeably Capetonian Mowbray Kaap music. It’s just a mere glimpse of what Cape Town and its multi-talented people have to offer – so watch out what’s going to happen over the next 3 years! An amazing achievement given the fact that the big cities of the world competed… and considering the shortlisting against Bilbao and Dublin… Earlier winners of the award, that was created eight years ago, were cities like Seoul and Helsinki…

Cape Town World Design Capital 2014

Cape Town World Design Capital 2014

Being “Cape Town World Design Capital 2014” will bring many advantages for Cape Town!

Besides getting global exposure and attention… and with that free marketing of the highest order, there will be huge economic benefits as the local government will be committed to investing in a better and so much needed infra-structure of the famous garden city – which will in turn benefit Tourism.

And there will be creative solutions! In that respect I like what Fred Roed expressed so well:” Design will be proactively used to bring us together. This award brings an increased awareness of the power of creativity to solve problems – from traffic, to overcrowded townships, to informal trading areas, and to the environment. Thinking creatively brings about positive change, and ultimately profit to society and to business (ask Steve Jobs about that last point).”

A great day for Cape Town! Well done to all who worked so hard for this!

Vote for Table Mountain

As we’re in the official limelight, let’s all Vote for Table Mountain – let’s just do it!