Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

This is definitely going to be my last post in 2011 – wishing YOU a very special, prosperous and fulfilling Happy New Year 2012 on a special and typically funny South African note! Right from Nature – what else?

Happy New Year 2012 Photo by Bianca Gubalke

Happy New Year 2012

Wishing YOU a Happy New Year 2012 gives me the opportunity to thank you – my dear friends, customers and readers – for your continued interest and loyal support over the past twelve months, which I know have been an extremely challenging experience for many! Here’s hope that we will all start with new energies, love and devotion to accomplish what we have come to do and excel with it!

Ta ra ta tata

Ta ra ta tata has become a known signal for our daily workshops and monthly seminars at Ycademy – so we will end 2011 on that note and shout it loud and clear at midnight – dancing to LIVE music that is! YEBO GOGO!



Happy Christmas 2011

Happy Christmas 2011

As every year around this time, we had some lovely rains for Nature to breath and rejoice – followed by beautiful sunshine and an almost tropical heat inviting everybody to relax on the beach!

Many friends have arrived from overseas to spend a Happy Christmas 2011 on the sunny side of the globe, i.e. in South Africa.

Happy Christmas 2011 Image

Happy Christmas 2011

It’s not easy to write “Happy Christmas 2011” when being aware of so much desaster in the world right now. I am thinking especially of our friends in Mindanao – but not only there…

In those situations it takes strength and courage to believe in ourselves as part of the universal “All that Is” – and with it in the promise the light at the end of the tunnel brings. As long as you keep seeing it! The people in the Philippines are strong in their belief and it’s part of their beauty… but they as many others need our loving thoughts and, where possible, our care and attention. This is what the real Christmas Message is all about… like a candle touching and setting alight the next candle…

I will take this picture into the night – magandang gabi.

Irish Wedding Ceremony

Irish Wedding Ceremony

While the rendering of a complex After Effects Project in connection with our final Ycademy Seminar 2011 takes up almost all time and memory on my PC right now – with renderings of single items projected over 15 hours and more… (…ooooh, I can forget everything else for the time being…), my main focus is on the preparation of a Wedding Website based on Wedding Photos taken earlier this week. Here’s a picture of what I call the Irish Wedding Ceremony.

Mom's Hands - Irish Wedding Photography

Irish Wedding Ceremony

While an Irish Wedding Ceremony has many intricacies, here I just show a mother’s very loving hands as they pass something very meaningful to her daughter, the bride.

Cape Town Wedding Photography

Cape Town Wedding Photography

Cape Town Wedding Photography by Bianca Gubalke – this photo was taken yesterday, just when the first rays of the sun broke through the rainy morning clouds… It was the moment when the bride was ready to leave home to enter a new chapter in her life!

Cape Town Wedding Photography by Bianca Gubalke

Cape Town Wedding Photography

Cape Town Wedding Photography is the foundation of the Wedding Website I am developing over the next weeks on a WP based Semiomantics Script – possibly a new website development alltogether.

The wedding was yesterday; now it’s sifting and sorting time to choose from the best wedding photos and the wedding videos to create what will eventually become a Family Album Online.

Xmas Animation

Xmas Animation

As the Festive Season is rapidly approaching, it’s time to think of how to wish “Merry Christmas” and a “Happy New Year 2011” . Here’s a little Xmas Animation 2011 for YOU – I just loaded the tiny video clip on YouTube!

Xmas Animation

The above Xmas Animation was created using Adobe After Effects in preparation of this year’s final Ycademy Seminar 2011, taking place in the form of an online Workshop this coming Saturday. We will focus on creating Christmas Greetings using Adobe After Effects. This spiffy program is at the base of so many beautiful animations we see on TV or any film related stuff.

Time to learn how it all functions and then to get good at it! Watch this space!

PS: I can only create a small version as I am in desperate need of more RAM and not only that as my dear old machine is concerned… This will happen in the near future! Can’t wait myself :)

Best Cape Town Christmas Lunch

Bookings for the Best Cape Town Christmas Lunch at Monkey Valley Resort are flying in… have a look by clicking on the EVENTS TAB on the menu bar and scroll down! And don’t miss out – we’re not here for the masses… just for those who know how to choose :)

Cape Town Christmas Lunch Bookings

Best Cape Town Christmas Lunch

If you are in Cape Town – why not take your family to Noordhoek and enjoy a Christmas Lunch on Christmas Day that’s prepared with special care jsut for YOU?

You can wtch your youngsters in the playground while being pampered by Darren Byrne and his lovely staff at Thorfynn’s Restaurant… overlooking famous Noordhoek Beach and the Atlantic Ocean!

You could even go for a stroll on the beach… before or after! We will see to it that you have a memorable day!



Watch out for the BOOK HERE button – press and book! Easy, Fun and … LEKKER!

Cape Town Christmas on Google

Cape Town Christmas on Google

Loyal to our regular monitoring of the SEO performance of our WordPress based Semiomantics XO websites and blogs – our own as well as those of our valued customers – , I am extremely pleased to see an excellent Google ranking of my article “Cape Town Christmas Gift Fair 2011” right on the brand-new Monkey Valley Resort Website! The website was basically released today!

Cape Town Christmas Gift Fair 2011 on Google

Click on the screenshot to see it bigger…

Cape Town Christmas on Google

You will see that “Cape Town Gift Fair 2011” ranks on positions 4, 5 and 6 on Google Top 10 – the place everybody interested in that keyword area is competing for… here on 2,300,000 search returns!

Save Money with a Semiomantics Website

How does this demonstrate how you can save money with a Semiomantics Website?

Well, the fight on the Internet highway is for a Google Top 10 position – either on the left side (see screenshot above), where there are 10 positions for super sexy websites and blogs that make it to the top – or on top (yellow area) and to the right where people spend continuously increasing daily budgets for Google Ads… simply to be visible when someone types this keyword string into the Google search engine.

Marketing with Google Adsense means being dependent short-term, medium-term and long-term as prices increase all the time… and to be efficient – meaning to get the traffic and visitors that might lead to eventual sales – one has to be visible 24/7/365… and that has its price. Don’t think you can get away with $50… there are keywords that cost more than that per single click. And this without any guarantees in terms of sales. Ever.

Whereas with a Semiomantics Website you invest once in a good Script, setup and Design… and you see top performance. Sure, you need to do your bit and publish regular good content… but that’s part of your online marketing anyway if you are selling anything – be it a product, a service or ad space – but at least here you can count on results…

So do your maths and contact us anytime when you are ready to do a Semiomantics online – on Google Top 10 that is!