Attractive Semiomantics EVO 2012

Attractive Semiomantics EVO 2012

My article on the new and highly attractive Semiomantics EVO 2012 yesterday was written on “image” format, meaning it displayed the image larger than normal. This had a for me unexpected effect on the Blog page that normally shows only thumbnails and excerpts. This post is a test to see whether an article – back to normal settings – triggers the same or a different result, given the fact that we had a smart hack yesterday night at 9:11 pm.

Bianca Gubalke on Semiomantics Evolution 2012 Image

Attractive Semiomantics EVO 2012

The attractive Semiomantics EVO 2012 theme is ideal for photographers and media designers – or anyone wanting to display visuals in a captivating and generous way.

On the screenshot above you see the 3-column image gallery on a rotating background. Clicking on any image in the gallery will have that particular image open in an elegant 1:1 slider overlay.

Good Morning from Noordhoek

You may recognize my images from the series of photographs taken daily – every single day – over a one month’s period and prepared as a joyful daily greeting to special friends and family with the title “Good Morning from Noordhoek”. While this looked simple and was in general very much appreciated and even collected (!) as a loving gesture to brighten one’s day, there was quite some work that went into firstly finding the daily shot – come rain or high water – then choose the picture that really reflected that morning, and then prepare it in Photoshop before sending it out and posting it on my website.

Here’s an example of “Good Morning from Noordhoek“.

The above gallery offers me the possibility to feature all 30 or 31 Noordhoek Greetings… which I will do – time-permitting!

The new Semiomantics EVO 2012

The new Semiomantics EVO 2012

The new Semiomantics EVO 2012 was the sparkly topic of this month’s Ycademy Seminar 2012… and as always, the complex theme could not be covered over the expanse of a weekend, it’s as usual a work-in-progress situation, a process with continued learning, implementing and – most importantly – experimenting and observing… until finding one’s personal preferences, direction and style.

Black & White Photography by Bianca Gubalke

The new Semiomantics EVO 2012

For those like me who love the ‘old’ flash version of Evolution, the new Semiomantics EVO 2012 offers some of the features we were so fond of – yet, it’s something totally different and independent as well. Instead of the fluid flow from left to right that gave the impression of a generous and easily directable movement, we now seem to build into depth, layer by layer. We’ve got to think “mobile”.

Due to the sad fact that our beautiful EVO sites do not show on the mobile web as Apple is not displaying Flash, this new Semiomantics EVO Developer Theme overcomes the problem with pure genius by making use of HTML5, CSS3 and Java instead of Action driven Flash.

Besides, the new Semiomantics EVO 2012 is now pow¬≠ered by WordPress and while it features amazing possiblities for digital photography, video, graphics and all kinds of media design, it also includes a dynamic blog – which means it’s Google efficient!

Best WP Theme for Photographers

With this, I would say we have the best WP Theme for Photographers!

While we all want to choose according to our taste, priorities and objectives – the new Semiomantics EVO 2012 features 6 different gallery types alone, which can be displayed in many different ways with unlimited numbers of photos. The EXIF and location data can also be displayed…. not to speak of a high resolution background slider that displays beautifully – with or without protective overlays and textures that protect original photographic work – yes, even that was thought of!

Actually, it’s astonishing how many choices we have – and for those who have something to sell: the script is ready for eCommerce! We see the smooth integration of an elegant, user-friendly and – as it seems – easy to manage shop.

The screenshot above shows my first steps in setting up my Black & White Photography category featuring some of my images. It looks promising – doesn’t it?!

More to follow…

Dog Beer

Dog Beer

Nothing like a Dog Beer on a hot South African day!

Dog Beer Image - Holly from Noordhoek, South Africa

Dog Beer

Dog Beer beats social networks anytime: here’s Mojo, the ‘puppy’ from next-door, instantly at the door with that special look in his eyes! Only 6 months old…

Mojo from Noordhoek, South Africa

Too late…. Holly is flat under the table having a dog dream and wishing everybody a happy dog day!

Mojo from Noordhoek, South Africa

Here’s to Web Design with Passion – and a difference!

Wedding Video Design

Wedding Video Design

As part of the Wedding Website I am currently preparing – and while waiting for my new system to have more punch to edit and render video material – I have just finished a short movie based on Wedding Photography and custom Wedding Video Design. Here is my Logo Design based on the song “One Love” by Bob Marley – a request by the newly weds for this part of their wedding story on their (future) website.

Wedding Video "One Love" Image by Bianca Gubalke Productions - Photo by Andrew Elliott

Wedding Video Design

Since this Wedding Lunch took place in another part of South Africa, the challenge for me was to create something out of what I got: in this case a CD of professional photos by Andrew Elliott Photography, in different shapes and sizes, using different filters, and no corrections etc. While overwhelming in the beginning to say the least… it’s in looking through the material again and again to get a feeling for the photography, the style, the flow, finding those little gems and excerpts and – finally – discover the message one wants to focus on and translate in the video.

Wedding Video "One Love" Image by Bianca Gubalke Productions

ADOBE Premiere Pro

ADOBE Premiere Pro is my preferred editing tool, although there are tonnes of additional studies and learning for me to do.

So far, I am quite happy with the movie itself, however, this time I prepared all in format 1600 x 900 -being fully convinced that this would fill the screen on our PCs and correspond to YouTube dimensions (1280×720) – but again a hurdle to understand and correct/redo: the height does not fully display and while this is not a big issue for many pictures, it is absolutely critical for well-designed images like the ones I am showing here… and there are a couple of sequences.

Whether it’s in the Settings (ticking Default Scale to Frame Size)… or something else that’s missing… fact is, I will be back to the drawing board until this issue is solved as well…

Ta Ra Ta Ta . . .

Website Tutorial 1

Website Tutorial 1

Website Tutorial 1 addresses the following situation:

Website Tutorial 1 by Bianca Gubalke on Semiomantics XO

Some of our valued website customers are completely new to the technicalities and operation of websites and blogs and what they demand in the future, once setup and completed.

The fact is, that it is the dynamic content of the blog – meaning regular, original posts and articles vamped up with photos, images and videos etc – that keep the website alive, that keep the hungry search engine spyders coming back again and again for more (… fresh, delicious content that is)… and sending us flowers in form of top rankings on Google.

Facit: work on a website and/or blog is never complete once the website has been constructed and delivered; work continues in many different ways, including also maintenance and regular upgrades just to name a few…

Basically, the website owner has two options: to do the work him- or herself (which demands time, patience, knowledge and skills as the case may be… ) or to outsource – which is a continuing cost factor that definitely pays.

Website Tutorial 1

For the time being, Monkey Valley Resort has allocated a person to get acquainted with the new website and to start the blogging process once ready for it. To this end and to be the most efficient also considering time issues as we all have full working days, I am creating a series of Website Tutorials to introduce and explain this high-traffic website itself, its features and functionalities to someone completely new to this area.

The short website tutorials of about 10 – 15 minutes each will be posted on YouTube, public for general viewing, but private at a later stage when going into some intricacies of the WP based Semiomantics XO Script. This procedure will also help me to better understand where the main problem areas with people who are new to the online world of blogging lie – and to find helpful remedies in my explanations and assistance.

To be continued…

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine

It’s the 14th February 2012 – time to wish everybody a loving “Happy Valentine” from a rather cool yet dynamic Cape Town, South Africa!

Happy Valentine by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Happy Valentine

While “Happy Valentine” is obviously of value under commercial aspects for those who have something to sell… meaning it is one of those many occasions where products can be pushed, it’s nice for young and old couples in love to spend a special evening together and celebrate their intimate bond.

In that sense, Thorfynn’s Restaurant at Monkey Valley Resort has prepared a special dinner CLICK HERE that you may want to enjoy while watching the sunset over Noordhoek Beach…

Wedding Website Developments

Meanwhile, and after my environmental journey to the North, I continue Wedding Website Developments focusing on a special lunch with the motto “Let’s get together and feel alright” – the newly wed’s favorite by Bob Marley!

Portraits of Africa 2012 on Google

Portraits of Africa 2012 on Google

Time again to monitor and check the performance of our new WP based Semiomantics XO 2012 Script on search engines.

Here’s a screenshot of yesterday’s post “Portraits of Africa 2012” on Google – have a look! Positions 1, 2, 3 and 6 ahead of 10,800,000 search returns – YEBO GOGO!

Portraits of Africa 2012 on Google by Bianca Gubalke on Semiomantics XO 2012

Portraits of Africa 2012 on Google

When looking up “Portraits of Africa 2012” on Google, I also checked how the images in my article were ranked – here’s the detail of the screenshot showing the Image of a “Young African Girl” on position one, followed by the Image of a “Young African Boy” on position 4… and a small ad I created ages ago peeking at us on position 2. All of them ahead of our South African presidents… just too funny! The young generation is on the move!

Portraits of Africa 2012 Images by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Portrait of Africa Images

It becomes even more intrigueing when we look up “Portrait of Africa Images” on Google and find these young faces of Africa featuring amongst some really classy photography! And again… the random positioning is just too weird… for those who read this and understand what I mean! Welcome to the future :)

Portraits of Africa 2012 Images by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Fact is, that with the increasing importance of images and media on the Internet – and with this for our website development – … and people preferring to look at something for quick grasping of the contents rather than reading long time-consuming – and even worse: thought-provoking – texts… that the correct tagging and classification of photos and images becomes more important. Here as with any post what counts is to be found on Google – Google Top 10 that is. Noone else looks further…

Congratulations to our young friends who’ve made it to the top ranks and find themselves in interesting and attractive company! There will be more….