Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages

Following a wonderful success of my last website creation featuring a Wedding Website with lots of media in form of wedding photography, wedding slideshows and wedding videos, I am in the process of putting together a range of Wedding Packages.

Wedding Website created by Bianca Gubalke

Wedding Packages

What those Wedding Packages will differentiate in the first place is whether I work with my own pictures and videos (if desired) or whether I get the photos delivered by the couples’ photographer of choice.

A significant cost factor can be whether the photos are being used as they come from the camera or whether some delicate ‘face jobs’ are needed as this can be very time intensive. However, who doesn’t want to look great for posterity on such an important day? It makes a huge difference… but this kind of manual extra work costs – so it will be one of those choices to be made.

So, I’m currently working on all of this and come out with the Wedding Packages soon – I’ve been asked for it and at Web Design with Passion we thoroughly enjoy being part of and energizing days of union, happiness and celebration!

Celebration Time

Celebration Time

This is the moment: standing up for Truth has finally triumphed after over two in many ways challenging and devastating years, so now it’s Celebration Time… thinks Mojo!


Tough times are for our growth…and at the end of the day we are here on earth to learn and grow as spiritual human beings. Mojo seems just as thrilled as I am!!!

Celebration Time

Celebration Time at Web Design with Passion! Cheers!

Facebook on Ycademy Seminar

Facebook on Ycademy Seminar

To keep ahead of the rapid developments on the net – especially also pertaining to Social Networks and their impact on Businesses and Marketers – Facebook will be a main focus at this month’s Ycademy Seminar. One of the reasons for this is also the fact that Facebook will – once again – change the rules of the game at the end of the month (March 2012) with a new Facebook format similar to the timeline format to be released and of course, new regulations.

Bianca Gubalke on Facebook Image

So the Facebook Page the way we set it up about 6 months ago – see above mine – will change again.

Facebook on Ycademy Seminar

When looking into Facebook on the Ycademy Seminar, we will also check and evaluate how Facebook forces favorites upon us that have never been our choice, that don’t correspond to our identity and that are simply invasive – in mild terms – as to our privacy. When I go to my Facebook website from outside I don’t recognize myself at all: none of the favorites there is known to me, never mind has been quoted or inserted by me!

Facebook on Ycademy Seminar

Another point that will be discussed and rectified at the Seminar!

The fact is that the constant changes on Face­book have lead pro­fes­sion­als a long time ago to struc­ture and man­age their assets out­side of Face­book on a CMS or other appro­pri­ate website. Accordingly, we will focus on con­sol­i­dat­ing our own assets on a WP CMS, typ­i­cally XO or EVO by Semiomantics.

We know that it’s essential that people talk about our products – ideally favourably! In other words: refer them through mouth-to-mouth propaganda in a so-called ‘trusted’ way. Social Networks have become crucial today in serving that purpose and are thus taken serious by businesses, namely those who wish to stay in control of their reputation, accumulate positive testimonials and maintain positive discussion.

Word of Mouth Marketing and Facebook

The Ycademy Seminar asks the question:

How can we profit eth­i­cally from the herd instinct and from word of mouth mar­ket­ing in con­nec­tion with Facebook?

Word­Press to Mobile to Face­book

Also, the Seminar will look once again into the issue “Word­Press to Mobile… to Face­book… to Local…” – one of our favourites and definitely to be taken just as seriously. We know that to get a maximum of Traffic – meaning cus­tomers, read­ers and inter­ested vis­i­tors – it is of para­mount impor­tance to build a strong pres­ence on Search Engines, genre Google, and Social Net­works, genre Facebook. However, we also have to take into account the increas­ing impor­tance of the mobile web with its vast and future-oriented possibilities.

The Ycademy Sem­i­nar March 2012 will show us how to build an effec­tive pub­lish­ing net­work across plat­forms while pre­serv­ing productivity.

South Africa Wedding Website

South Africa Wedding Website

After a while of silence due to heavy workloads and more… I’m pleased to announce that the South Africa Wedding Website is almost complete… there are just a few technical issues that came up along the way that need correction.

South Africa Wedding Website

This Wedding Website features different events in different places in South Africa with a major Wedding Event still in the pipeline in Las Vegas later this year.

The Wedding Photography was done by three different photographers, two professional Wedding Photographers in Port Alfred and my part down here in the Cape – plus my Wedding Videography – all done on my dear simple NIKON Coolpix P90. It was a challenging project yet I enjoyed every minute of it – especially the love, trust and friendship between all parties that were at the base of all operations and pointing to much more to come in the future.

Oh yes… loading an 18 minute video to YouTube in 944 minutes (screenshot went to the customer to believe it…) was not the greatest of joys, but we got that done as well! Although only in a small format – to be redone in large format once I have my new computer system with tons of memory and punch! Can’t wait… but it’s getting closer each day!!!

Web Design and Screen Formats

Web Design and Screen Formats

While still very busy with the Wedding Website development on my new WP based Semiomantics Evolution 2012 script, I once again realize that Web Design and Screen Formats are a difficult task – if we want to try to match them that is. I have spent hours to measure, calculate, experiment and try…

Here a screenshot of a view on a rather ‘normal’ computer screen:

Wedding Website Development Image by Bianca Gubalke on Semiomantics Evolution 2012

Web Design and Screen Formats

…and here the same view on my 1920 x 1080 px wide screen – which may not yet be the norm, however, HD and wide screens are the way to go.

Wedding Website Development Image by Bianca Gubalke on Semiomantics Evolution 2012

Web Design and the Mobile Web

And it doesn’t stop there: web design and the mobile web are the big issue and with most sales being increasingly generated via iPhones, Smartphones and possibly the iPad revolution – the task becomes even more complex.

I guess once an acceptable solution is found, it’s already overrolled by the next development on the technological front; so I will stick to my project plan and continue the exciting yet extremely time-intensive and challenging journey with so many media snippets involved…

Happiness is Wedding Website

Happiness is… Wedding Website

The Wedding Website on my new Semiomantics Evolution has made good progress over the weekend, yet there is a whole week of intensive work ahead to cover all the beautiful photos taken by three photographers at different places. Currently, I am focusing on the chapter “Port Alfred” – here’s a screenshot of “Happiness is…” – some stunning color and black & white photos by Andrew Elliott Photography featuring the lovers on their honeymoon in South Africa.

Wedding Website Image - under development by Bianca Gubalke

Happiness is… Wedding Website

The “Happiness is… Wedding Website” could certainly have advanced more with a connectivity boost – meaning faster lines that don’t time out all the time as happened just now again when I wanted to upload a 600px wide and about 100 kb light screenshot – it just kept spinning… So finally I lost the text and had to write it all over again. And less crashes of the latest Mozilla Firefox update would help too – for sure a new update to take care of the errors on the old update will come… a never ending story…

On a more positive note: may the happiness of the newlyweds continue… and the wedding website make good progress over the next days, slow lines or not – yebo!

Wedding Website in Progress

Wedding Website in Progress

After completing the main work on the Wedding Ceremony Movie… just leaving it for a while to look back with fresh eyes, apply perhaps some refining touches, rendering the project (…. oh, that will be a job on my machine!) and finally uploading it to YouTube, I’m dedicating this weekend to my brand-new WP based Semiomantics EVO and the Wedding Website is in Progress!

New Wedding Website Development by Bianca Gubalke

Wedding Website in Progress on Semiomantics Evolution 2012

As the Semiomantics Evolution 2012 is new to me as we just received it a week ago and covered the technical side at the Ycademy Seminar where slow connections made any form of viewing at times almost impossible, I enjoy studying and experimenting with this new publishing script and most attractive WP Wedding Theme … after obviously having laid the foundation in form of structure, colors and look.

And while we are having cooler weather and some gentle rains here in Noordhoek, South Africa… Web Design with Passion is on the go and the wedding website in progress evolves.