Websites for Hotels and Lodges

Websites for Hotels and Lodges

When designing Websites for Hotels and Lodges I focus on offering visitors a personal taste of the real atmosphere of the place – mostly in form of photos, images or videos and perhaps some great testimonials of guests who shared their impressions of that ‘place’. People and Place… Place and People – that’s what creates a touch of the humanitity that unites us and that’s what I try to capture as part of my personal style as you can investigate in my SHOWCASE HERE.

Hotels & Lodges Website Design by Bianca Gubalke

Websites for Hotels and Lodges

Of course, like in any website development, Websites for Hotels and Lodges need to offer relevant functionalities and be user-friendly in terms of navigation. Visitors want to see what they like and then surf quickly to a Booking Form where they get a quick overview in terms of availability and prices and where they have access to simple and reliable payment gateways.

How to achieve top positions with a Hotel Website

Having said that, what remains as the most challenging part for the web designer is how to achieve top positions with a Hotel Website, meaning the website’s performance on Google against stiff competition in the Travel and Tourism Industry.

But this is exactly where we at Semiomantics excel: once properly setup and indexed on Google, your path to top rankings is assured – provided you keep the website dynamic and active. Our regular tests in terms of website optimization and performance proove it daily!

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