Websites for Hotels and Lodges

Websites for Hotels and Lodges

When designing Websites for Hotels and Lodges I focus on offering visitors a personal taste of the real atmosphere of the place – mostly in form of photos, images or videos and perhaps some great testimonials of guests who shared their impressions of that ‘place’. People and Place… Place and People – that’s what creates a touch of the humanitity that unites us and that’s what I try to capture as part of my personal style as you can investigate in my SHOWCASE HERE.

Hotels & Lodges Website Design by Bianca Gubalke

Websites for Hotels and Lodges

Of course, like in any website development, Websites for Hotels and Lodges need to offer relevant functionalities and be user-friendly in terms of navigation. Visitors want to see what they like and then surf quickly to a Booking Form where they get a quick overview in terms of availability and prices and where they have access to simple and reliable payment gateways.

How to achieve top positions with a Hotel Website

Having said that, what remains as the most challenging part for the web designer is how to achieve top positions with a Hotel Website, meaning the website’s performance on Google against stiff competition in the Travel and Tourism Industry.

But this is exactly where we at Semiomantics excel: once properly setup and indexed on Google, your path to top rankings is assured – provided you keep the website dynamic and active. Our regular tests in terms of website optimization and performance proove it daily!

Save by performing better – have a look at !

Cars and Trucks Websites

Cars and Trucks Websites

The net abounds with Cars and Trucks Websites – however, how user-friendly and Google efficient are they really?

Cars & Trucks Images designed by Bianca Gubalke

We did quite some research when creating a new website for Used Cars and Trucks for our customer Magnetic Transport Surplus in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao.

Cars and Trucks Websites

Just as with any other website, cars and trucks websites want to achieve certain goals: to attract customers and potential buyers – in other words sell – and to build a reputation on the Internet and brand themselves.

Branding requires a lot of research and development, especially in terms of Logo Design and Icon Design. While there are brilliant and high-paid professionals doing exactly just that – and I have met some of the best – this demands budgets that are far out of reach for new or relatively young companies.

Accordingly, the web designer will often be asked to come up with integrated solutions that work both online and offline.

This is a service our professional Web Design South Africa Team can provide. Please visit our brand-new SHOWCASE HERE for the latest Web Design examples.

Cars and Trucks Images

Before publishing this article, I checked “Cars and Trucks Images” to capture what is currently seen there – right now at 11:55 am:

Cars and Trucks Images


People react more to images – visuals – than to text. While our original content remains the main issue in terms of keywords and especially tags, Google picks up our photos and pictures as well as you see on the above screenshot.

As my regular routine test, I will see where my Cars and Trucks Image will land in terms of ranking – and how fast – after I publish right now, at 12:30 pm!

It’s always an interesting exercise… so above we have the ‘before’ image and let’s see how it looks ‘after’ the publication of this article!

Wedding Album Websites

Wedding Album Websites

Have a look at Wedding Album Websites featuring on my brand-new SHOWCASE HERE – still under construction but enough for the intuitive viewer in terms of Web Design.

Wedding Album Websites Image by Bianca Gubalke Design

Wedding Album Websites

Wedding Album Websites are ideal when starting off a new family with a visual bang! and then developing the initial Wedding Website into a very versatile Family Album as is planned on this example here.

Own your Family Website

Clearly, you want to own your family website – but you may ask… why, if it’s ‘free’ on Social Networks, genre Facebook?

Well – firstly, nothing is free on the Internet, that’s unfortunately an illusion and you risk becoming disillusioned rather fast when you see how your content on social networks serves one major purpose: to build THAT network and taking control over YOUR content, even the most private and precious. If you have no problem with that and you don’t mind being caught in a herd that’s easily manipulated and even sold … fine.

If you rather want to be in control of your own online destiny and that of your future family – think of your wedding album images for instance – then look at this very affordable and elegant wedding album solution.

One investment will set you free – especially as a newly married couple!

Art Exhibitions Websites

Art Exhibitions Websites

If we look at “Art Exhibitions Websites” as a keyword string we find the creme de la creme in terms of Art Galleries, Museums and other Art institutions competing for top positions – in fact over 165,000,000 ! Plus tons of Google Ads over many pages.

This indicates that in a so-called economic crisis Art still seems to be a hot commodity, although the Press often paints a very different if not sinistre picture.

Art Exhibitions Websites by Bianca Gubalke Design

Being an artist myself and having created Artist Portraits for television, I work on ways of presenting Art online in a way that everybody can encounter this fascinating medium that envelops us in energy fields that connect us to our inner truth. And it exercises our thinking muscle and maybe – just maybe – encourages to break free. Some Artwork resonnates, another doesn’t – however, there is a quiet dialogue, unencumbered by the treachery of the spoken word… so often abused to this very day.

Exactly that was captured by the Art Exhibition “The Human Abused” by German sculptor, Guenther Uecker, in February 2011, in The District Six Museum in Cape Town, South Africa. I had come to see my friend and his latest work after so many years – and spontaneous snapshots turned into a website featuring an Art Documentation.

Art Exhibitions Websites

While I reported extensively on this Art Exhibition at the time, what interests me now while designing my new Web Design Showcase – and obviously including Art Exhibition Websites – is the performance on search engines. While nothing much can be said at this early stage and given the massive search returns as per above, what is quite astounding is the fact that we already feature right at the top of page 2 in terms of Images for Art Exhibitions Website – see the screenshot below.

Art Exhibitions Image by Bianca Gubalke Design

What does an Artist need online?

While most artists are represented by galleries, there are many artists who wish to be in control and present themselves on the Internet. So the question is: What does an Artist need online?

Here as in most of the other chapters where products and/or services are being sold it’s about presenting the artist’s oeuvre in an appealing way on one hand… but most importantly the artist’s website needs to be visible on Google where people would look for it.

Of course, artists normally brand their name and people interested in their work would look them up under that name – so they don’t need Google for that. However, why then is there such fierce competition among Art Exhibition Websites?

If you are an artist, think about it and consider what you could do for yourself and your career. Branding your work under your own name and in your own style should be conducive to building your reputation online. And while we do no longer work in Flash since the rapid evolution of the mobile web where Flash does not show, we have adapted the latest technology to make your work stand out and be found – even on an iPhone!

Fine Homes Optimized

Fine Homes Optimized

When it comes to Media Marketing Online regarding Fine Homes, Real Estate and Property there’s one place you need to be seen when visitors are looking for you: on Google Top 10. I refer to my article on “Fine Homes Websites” 22 hours ago HERE and wish to give you the evolution in terms of search engine optimization further down… you will find Fine Homes Optimized – have a look!

Fine Homes photographed for Web Design South Africa by Bianca Gubalke

Fine Homes Optimized

Fine Homes Optimized – after less than a day, “Fine Homes Websites” are at the top of Google regarding this specific keyword as you see on the screenshot below. I can’t tell you how fast the article got there as I just checked it now, after 22 hours. Enough to say: mission fullfilled – and this at no extra cost!

Google Top 10 for Fine Homes Websites by Bianca Gubalke

What price do you pay?

This is totally remarkable given the fact that I am neither a real estate agent nor do I have anything to do with property marketing – I focus on elegant and highly optimized custom Web Design for any field of interest. Neither do I have the help of a domain name nor can I look back on a history of targeted blogging in this field. So in a way I’m the new kid on the blog (!) with this article – yet we look again at the number one position on Google.

Ask yourself: what price do you pay to get there… that is IF you are there in the first place… and are you seen where customers are looking for your products and services?

If this is not the case and if your online advertising doesn’t get you the desired results despite the money you are spending on an ongoing basis, it may be time to reevaluate and contact me for a search engine efficient web design setup that will get you there… the proof is in the screenshot!

Fine Homes Websites

Fine Homes Websites

For owners of real estate the wish may arise at some stage to document their precious property – either for their own pleasure or if they plan to sell in the future. While the Internet abounds with Fine Homes websites, there are really different ways of presenting one’s most treasured private space.

Look at an example of a truly outstanding architectural masterpiece nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Cape Town, South Africa, which I included in my brand-new Web Design Showcase.

Fine Homes Website by Bianca Gubalke Design

Fine Homes Websites

Besides giving a truthful image of what really exists and makes the charme of the property – be it big or small – , the real art in developing Fine Homes Websites is to feel into the inner space of the building or house and express it within its natural setting, thus creating an atmosphere of the whole. I adore those masters of architectural photography who go beyond horizontals and verticals and find ways of reflecting the soul – be it in colours or black and white. What an inspiration and source for learning…

As such, captivating images in form of digital photography are the essence of all web design for real estate and property.

Semiomantics Evolution 2012

However, if it comes to sales, visibility on Google Top 10 is what counts… and as my new Showcase is designed on the brand-new WP based Semiomantics Evolution 2012 – I do the daily test of how my posts actually perform on search engines.

Again, I am amazed to see my brief post popping up as Number 11 of 38,500 000 search returns on Google! WOW… not yet on page 1… but if you consider the competition on “Fine Homes” and the fact that this is my very first little post on a new website – it’s truly astonishing and perfectly convincing- yes?

Fine Homes Website on Google by Bianca Gubalke Showcase

If you wish to document or present your home online, and you like my style HERE, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

We stand for “Web Design with Passion”!

Gorgeous Gardens

Gorgeous Gardens

Gorgeous Gardens is an important category on my new SHOWCASE under development featuring some of my web design, media design and digital photography over the past year. If you have a nursery, run a flower shop, grow plants or you just love gardening as much as I do and wish to share your passion, art and photography with the world, then consider working with me on your own, fully personalized and optimized Gorgeous Gardens Website. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg – but the joy and satisfaction it will bring you and anyone visiting your beautiful website is simply priceless!

Gorgeous Gardens Image by Bianca Gubalke Photography & Web Design

Gorgeous Gardens

Creating a Gorgeous Gardens Website is about beauty – meaning captivating photography and why not drawings, sketches, paintings – art in brief. It strongly appeals to our fantasy and our senses – especially the visual sense… and if we all know how intense and exhilarating the fragrances can be!

Imagine a field of lavender buzzing with bees… a wild star jasmine snaking up its way in an old tree… not to mention a rose…!

Picking a wild berry and eating it straight from the twig while hearing the wind rustling through leaves, the cheerful songs of birds and the graceful sound of chimes projects us into a fairy world where we can release and let go… feel One with all that is and refuel on energy.

Gorgeous Gardens on Google

Sorry for pulling you out of the picture for a moment here – but as we are talking websites and web design: the fact is that what we see is only one part of the story.

The important tuning happens behind the scenes with the right script – I use WP based Semiomantics Scripts only – plus the right way of editing and publishing. It’s a Science by itself, but essential to reach top rankings on search engines.

Here is a screenshot of my first little post on that brand-new website yesterday and look how it performed on Google! “Gorgeous Gardens” on Google Top 10!

Gorgeous Gardens on Google Top 10

Nursery or Flower Shop Owner?

What does this mean to you as a Nursery or Flower Shop owner?

It means that your website would be visible where you want it to be seen by your visitors, readers and potential customers. At the end of the day you are running a business and your online investment into a pulling website should serve its purpose: bringing you customers that enable you to continue living your passion while giving them the best service!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime and let me assist you in expressing yourself in an attractive and efficient way online.

You will simply love it…