Wedding Memories

Wedding Memories

Who hasn’t captured their Wedding Memories in form of pictures – be it photos or videos?

Wedding Album Websites Image by Bianca Gubalke Design

Today, in the digital era and with many families spread over all continents, there’s nothing easier, more fun and more cost-effective than eternalizing those special and unique magic moments of our Wedding Day in form of Wedding Photography and/or Wedding Video clips on a Wedding Website. Well, not simply ‘a’ wedding website – but very clearly our own website, under our (new) name and definitely under our control!

Remember: according to Facebook’s latest changes, Facebook owns your Profile. Whatever that means. You like freedom and independance? Have your own website – fullstop.

Wedding Memories

Wedding Album Websites with our Wedding memories are ideal when starting off a new family with a visual bang! and then developing the initial Marriage Website into a very versatile Family Album as is planned on this example here.

Own your Family Website

Clearly, you want to own your family website – but you may ask… why, if it’s ‘free’ on Social Networks, genre Facebook?

Well – firstly, nothing is free on the Internet, that’s unfortunately an illusion and you risk becoming disillusioned rather fast when you see how your content on social networks serves one major purpose: to build THAT network and taking control over YOUR content, even the most private and precious. If you have no problem with that and you don’t mind being caught in a herd that’s easily manipulated and even sold … fine. And if you didn’t know about the latest change in terms of privacy rules – now you know!

If you rather want to be in control of your own online destiny and that of your future family – think of your wedding album images for instance – then look at this very affordable and elegant wedding album solution.

One investment will set you free – especially as a newly married couple! For more information CLICK HERE.

Bianca Gubalke Web Design Showcase 2012


Holly from Noordhoek

Holly from Noordhoek

Holly from Noordhoek is a beautiful border collie puppy that lives with us until she’s ‘old’ enough to follow her ‘parents’ to Germany.

Holly Image - Bianca Gubalke Photography

Border collies are known as herding dogs, especially sheep. They are excellent watch dogs, love children and they are often described as the most intelligent dogs.

According to some information, a border collie had learned 1,022 words – reacting to them when spoken! Watching our inventive hooligan’s non-stop activities all day long it doesn’t surprise me… and tons of exercise and mental stimulation they definitely need, and this on an ongoing basis. It’s really a continuous dialogue – and a very endearing one as Holly has a very attentive and loving nature.

With one of her eyes being a clear blue – due to heterochromia (multi-colored eyes) – she catches everyone’s attention anyway!

Holly from Noordhoek

Actually, Holly from Noordhoek lives in Cape Holly Road as you can see here, taken early this morning before our walk up into the Silvermine Mountains:

Border collie Holly of Cape Hollie Road

She will always make sure I follow and comes back to see that I’m fine – that’s just her nature:

Holly Image by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Definitely lots of space to run – :

Noordhoek Landscape Image by Bianca Gubalke Photography

That’s our favorite morning run… tanking fresh air and energies before getting back to the computer and… Web Design with Passion!

Web Design with Passion Image by Bianca Gubalke

Documenting Art

Documenting Art

Documenting Art is and remains one of the key issues and tasks for any artist.

Looking at “Art Exhibitions Websites” on Google we find the creme de la creme in terms of Art Galleries, Museums and other Art institutions competing for top positions – in fact over 165,000,000 ! Plus tons of Google Ads over many pages.

Documenting Art Image by Bianca Gubalke Design

Being an artist myself and having created Artist Portraits for television, I work on ways of presenting Art online in a way that everybody can encounter this fascinating medium that envelops us in energy fields that connect us to our inner truth. And it exercises our thinking muscle and maybe – just maybe – encourages to break free. Some Artwork resonnates, others doesn’t – however, there is a quiet dialogue, unencumbered by the treachery of the spoken word… so often abused to this very day.

Exactly that was captured by the Art Exhibition “The Human Abused” by German sculptor, Guenther Uecker, in February 2011, in The District Six Museum in Cape Town, South Africa. I had come to see my friend and his latest work after so many years – and spontaneous snapshots turned into a website featuring an Art Documentation.

Documenting Art

While I reported extensively on this Art Exhibition at the time, what interests me now while designing my new Web Design Showcase – and obviously including this exciting method of Documenting Art – is the performance on search engines. While nothing much can be said at this early stage and given the massive search returns as per above, what is quite astounding is the fact that we already feature right at the top of page 2 in terms of Images for Art Exhibitions Website – see the screenshot below.

Art Exhibitions Image by Bianca Gubalke Design

What does an Artist need online?

While most artists are represented by galleries, there are many artists who wish to be in control and present themselves on the Internet. So the question is: What does an Artist need online?

Here as in most of the other chapters where products and/or services are being sold it’s about presenting the artist’s oeuvre in an appealing way on one hand… but most importantly the artist’s website needs to be visible on Google where people would look for it.

Of course, artists normally brand their name and people interested in their work would look them up under that name – so they don’t need Google for that. However, why then is there such fierce competition among Art Exhibition Websites?

Bianca Gubalke Web Design Showcase 2012

If you are an artist, think about it and consider what you could do yourself and your career. Branding your work under your own name and in your own style should be conducive to building your reputation online. And while we do no longer work in Flash since the rapid evolution of the mobile web where Flash does not show, we have adapted the latest technology to make your work stand out and be found – even on an iPhone!

How to instal fonts on CS5 on 64bit

How to instal fonts on CS5 on 64bit

Installing everything from scratch on a brand-new computer is time-consuming and sometimes quite frustrating – but also a good learning curve. We accumulate many items over time and all these have to be transferred in one way or another – and the question I just had to solve was ‘How to instal fonts on CS5 on 64bit’… as my old system ran on 32bit and the Font folder was under Windows (…if I remember correctly). As the setup is different now, where the heck do all those fonts go?

How to instal fonts on 64bit by Bianca Gubalke Design

How to instal fonts on CS5 on 64bit

Once you know how to instal fonts on CS5 on 64bit it’s real easy!

As I had saved all my professional fonts in a folder that I had imported into a font folder on my new system, all I need to do is find the ttf file (standing for true type font) or the otf file (standing for open type font), right-click and ‘instal’.

That’s it!

And to answer the question of where the fonts actually go now, it’s under “Appearance & Personalization” in the Control Panel. Normally, you download fonts as a zip file that you want to unzip and then navigate to the files as per above.

Fonts for free download

Where do you find many great fonts for free download?

Simply go to and select what you like.

Bianca Gubalke Showcase 2012

Buy a good font

Once you work really professionally with fonts and especially if you prepare material for printing – say for a customer -, consider to select and buy a good font. While it may be costly in the beginning, it will pay off over time and simply gives you the professional look.

Remember: even on the internet you get what you pay for.

Real Estate Websites

Real Estate Websites

If you own a fine home, you may wish at some stage to document your precious property – either for your own pleasure or if you plan to sell in the future. While the Internet abounds with Real Estate websites, there are really different ways of presenting one’s most treasured private space.

Look at an example of a truly outstanding architectural masterpiece created entirely by Anthony Little (Osborne & Little, London) nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Cape Town, South Africa, which I had the privilege to document and that I included in my brand-new Web Design Showcase 2012.

Real Estate Websites by Bianca Gubalke Design

Real Estate Websites

Besides giving a truthful image of what really exists and makes the charme of the property – be it big or small – , the real art in developing Real Estate Websites is to feel into the inner space of the building or house and express it within its natural setting, thus creating an atmosphere of the whole. I adore those masters of architectural photography who go beyond horizontals and verticals and find ways of reflecting the soul – be it in colours or black and white. What an inspiration and source for learning…

As such, captivating images in form of digital photography are the essence of all web design for real estate and property.

As Anthony Little said: “Place has meaning.”

Semiomantics Evolution 2012

However, if it comes to sales, visibility on Google Top 10 is what counts… and as my new Showcase is designed on the brand-new WP based Semiomantics Evolution 2012 – I did the daily test of how posts actually performed on search engines.

Again, I was amazed to see the brief post popping up as Number 11 of 38,500 000 search returns on Google! WOW… not yet on page 1… but if you consider the competition on “Fine Homes” and the fact that this was my very first little post on a new website – it’s truly astonishing and perfectly convincing- yes?

Fine Homes Website on Google by Bianca Gubalke Showcase

If you wish to document or present your home online, and you like my style HERE, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

We stand for “Web Design with Passion”!

Bianca Gubalke Web Design Showcase 2012

Web Design with Passion back on new PC

Finally, Web Design with Passion is back on a new PC…. actually a whole new OS on 64bit. What a journey… and this with powercuts and connectivity issues… all fun but we’re getting there!

Bee Bianca Gubalke Image - We are back on a new PC

We grow through our struggles… but inbetween I just imagine myself being that happy, fat and buzzing bumble bee in my garden floating from flower to flower and living in complete bliss!

Web Design with Passion back on new PC

To get Web Design with Passion back on a new PC meant and still means installing each and every program from scratch. Not that this isn’t an interesting and instructive exercise nor is it the first time I do this – but it’s time-consuming and often frustrating especially when there is such a huge list to do!

However, starting out from scratch has its merits that can be compared to the annual spring clean-out: unless you are an obsessive gatherer and collector, it’s a good time to get rid of everything that’s superfluous and not absolutely necessary and becoming lean and light with lots of potential to move forward with a new and speedy lightness of being and let the creative juices flow. I’m not quite there yet as too puzzled by some mysteries noone else knew an answer to so far – but here’s my first post ‘after the storm’ and it can only get better and faster!

YEBO GOGO – this is about being a student for life!

Bird Sanctuary Websites

Bird Sanctuary Websites

If bird sanctuaries offer us tickets into the glorious theatre of Nature, Bird Sanctuary Websites are our virtual GPS.

Bird Sanctuary Websites designed by Bianca Gubalke South Africa

Bird Sanctuary Websites

Bird sanctuary websites offer online bird watchers information and insight about the bird life found in a specific bird park or area, opening times, entry fees, special events and perhaps membership possibilities etc, but what everyone is probably most interested in are pictures and images of birds, our favourite feathered friends.

Personal Birding Website

If you have a garden that’s frequented by many different birds and you love to watch and photograph them, you may consider publishing your personal birding website or blog to share your thoughts, impressions, photos, perhaps sketches and whatever you want to include, with fellow birding afficinados. You may even invite other bird watchers to join you to gain a broader and even more interesting spectrum!

Your personal bird lover website could be designed in such an attractive way that it captures the interest of like-minded bird watchers from other parts of the country if not the world! The world of birds is truly without limits!

Bird Sanctuary - Bianca Gubalke Web Design Showcase 2012

The Internet offers us such wonderful and affordable possibilities for individual expression today where we can create something that can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Why not pass on the wonder, joy and privilege of living in our magic world today?!