How to use the Crop Tool on Google

How to use the Crop Tool on Google

In my previous article HERE I explained how to use the crop tool in the new Adobe Photoshop CS6. Here I do my daily SEO and monitoring to keep an eye on how my articles perform on Google Top 10.

How to correct lines using the Crop Tool by Bianca Gubalke

How to use the Crop Tool on Google

On the above screenshot you see the performance of my above article on how to use the Crop Tool on Google – an amazing rank 1 on 349,000,000 search returns! That’s the power of a WP based Semiomantics XO Script set up properly and correctly edited and published. You must agree a smashing result… and this within less than 24 hours!

As we’re currently still busy with the Ycademy Seminar (June 2012), I can add another interesting fact about the Crop Tool: even after cropping, I can still move the image ‘below’ the ‘cropping frame’ to position things optimally. While I did not find cropping a difficult task in previous Photoshop versions, this definitely saves time and hence presents an excellent addition to the new Photoshop CS6.

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