Photo Editing

Photo Editing

Some results from the first day of the Photo Editing Seminar by Ycademy… there will be more

Photo Editing Seminar Ycademy July 2012

Photo Editing

The topics covered on day one of the Ycademy Seminar were:

  • How to Resize Pictures (including Print format)
  • Passepartout (Matte)
  • Sharpening Photos (various ways like PhotoTools/Unsharpen in PS6/HighPass in PS6)
  • Edge Treaments (Refine Edges).

The picture above is my own example while following technical instructions yet letting my own creative juices flow.

In the workshop everyone worked on a provided photo (to check on similar results) as well as on their own topical image. Major improvements, advice and additional ideas for each individual photo using the tools and features of Photoshop CS6 as well as OnOneTools were provided, leaving everyone inspired and motivated to continue the photographic journey…

Here comes day 2 !

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