Adobe InDesign at Ycademy Seminar

Adobe InDesign at Ycademy Seminar

The current Ycademy Seminar September 2012 focuses on Adobe InDesign to teach professional publishing for both online – eg. website design – and offline purposes, eg. books, magazines, newsletters etc.

Adobe InDesign Seminar by Ycademy - Photo Bianca Gubalke

Adobe InDesign at Ycademy Seminar

Besides going into Adobe InDesign in the CS6 version, the Ycademy Seminar continues its “Path to Profitability” with Marketing with WordPress. A big, fascinating and extremely important program for everyone who offers any kind of product or service on the Internet. Having covered Website Development and Publishing as well as Digital Photography to a large extent over the past years it’s the next important step to take. So we just do it!

Time-permitting, I will give some more feedback later…


Sunset on Chapman’s Peak

Sunset on Chapman’s Peak

This digital photo of a Sunset on Chapman’s Peak was taken yesterday, 22nd September 2012, from my garden in Noordhoek, South Africa.

Sunset in Noordhoek photographed by Bianca Gubalke, South Africa

Sunset on Chapman’s Peak

In all the years I’ve been living here, I’ve never caught this stunning moment – at least not consciously – when the sunset appeared like a revelation of light right on the pyramid cap of Chapman’s Peak! It had been a very stormy, cold and rainy day (…and it’s still lasting today), but the wild cloud formations tore open and smashing beams of light filtered down and set my strelitzias on fire!

Usually, the sun sets far beyond the mountains, however, on or around 15th November it emerges and moves southwards. We enjoy the most spectacular sunsets right before us in the Atlantic Ocean at Christmas. Then it moves back northwards again and disappears behind the mountains on or around 15th February. It’s our personal annual sunset show and it never fails to fascinate us!

For those who are interested, Noordhoek is positioned on the following coordinates: 34.104°S 18.360°E

For a professional photographer it’s imperial to always know “where the light is or will be” when planning a photo shoot. This photo was taken with a simple NIKON Coolpix P90; I hope to upgrade soon and become ready for printed matter . . .

Bianca Gubalke Showcase 2012

Flowering Wild Pear

Flowering Wild Pear

Spring officially started on 21st September 2012 – and just on time the flowering wild pear caught my attention in my garden in Noordhoek, South Africa.

Flowering Wild Pear Image by Bianca Gubalke

Flowering Wild Pear

While the flowering wild pear with its beautiful fragrance resembles the ‘real’ pear tree in full bloom (Pyrus communis), it is not related to it. The white flowers of this so-called Dombeya rotundifolia appear in early spring with little fruit capsules starting to grow in each center. The petals eventually turn brown and dry until they fly away.

My wild pear is quite high and I cannot get really close to the blossoms as I like when taking these sort of pictures with my simple NIKON Coolpix P90. But here the light fascinated me – or rather the absence of it. This digital photo was taken in the early morning, when the first rays of the sun crept over the mountain and filtered through the trees, touching just this branch with its little bouquet.

Web Design with Passion - Showcase 2012

Web Design with Passion

Digital Photography is a critical part of why I stand for ‘Web Design with Passion’ . Each photo has its purpose and will be integrated sooner or later!

Tanner Line in Action

Tanner Line in Action

In yesterday’s Ycademy Workshop our friend Gene Line presented us with an unedited photo of Tanner Line in Action playing baseball in the USA – fresh from his sophisticated camera! A nice shot capturing the action – a good beginning that now inspired to do something with it!

Tanner Line in Action Image edited by Bianca Gubalke

Tanner Line in Action

Tanner Line in Action the original picture. Have a look and think what you would focus on and possibly want to change to optimize this shot now in the post-editing phase in Adobe Photoshop or whatever photo editing software program you use.

Tanner Line in Action original unedited Photo by Gene Line

Where is the action? Where is the light (or where should it be?) What do we want to focus on?

What jumps into the eye is obviously that it’s a pity the other guy to the right was cut off, as he’s ‘sharp’ and in action too (did he see the ball or is he still waiting for it?). Then the background is far too imposing, especially the reds, blues and greens and the wire fence alltogether. We also notice the regular shadows that indicate that Gene took the picture through the wire fence as well, which is a bit irritating. Then I don’t like the horizontal metal bar top right and neither the vertical one behind Tanner; it looks like glued to his back and shows the typical characteristic of most digital photos: their flatness; in other words depth is missing – that’s what we have to create. Someone is cut on the top left corner too. This may mean minor, but it’s just another distraction.

Accordingly, I took a detail of the photo that focuses entirely on Tanner Line, his action and energy. So I focused on what I found essential and started enjoying myself!

Tanner Line for Baseball

Tanner Line for Baseball – a version with a refined play with light and shadow in warm golden hues, more of a ‘kick up dust’ feel plus an elegant frame.

Tanner Line in Action Image edited by Bianca Gubalke
My HDR ‘hard man’ version in more or less black and white…

Tanner Line in Action Image edited by Bianca Gubalke

A soft pastel version with a few scratches and specks (Alien Skin Filter) but this time without any frame to leave it room. An advantage is that the feet are not cut but this time buried in (desert) dust.

Tanner Line in Action Image edited by Bianca Gubalke

There are more… and this was fun! It’s fascinating to see how the mood of each picture changes although they all have the exact same origin. . .

Flowering peach in white

Flowering peach in white

While in Nature it’s always the’ right time’ for digital photography, spring in Noordhoek, South Africa, is just too special and the stunning flowering peach in white I discovered in my garden recently could not escape! It had to be eternalized. First in colour…

White Flowering Peach in Noordhoek, South Africa, photographed by Bianca Gubalke

Flowering peach in white

…and then the flowering peach in white and black – in other words black & white photography. One of my favourites – taken with my dear old NIKON Coolpix P90.

Black & White Flowering Peach Image photographed by Bianca Gubalke

As the Photokina 2012 in Cologne, Germany, is currently in full swing, we are observing the trends in today’s photography and videography, and the best cameras and deals. It’s time for me to upgrade and it looks like I’ve made my choice! Publishing on the Internet is one thing, however, now I need to prepare for increased printed matter, especially also in respect of the books in preparation. A reason why I cannot dedicate too much time to current website developments and this, my author blog – my apology to my loyal readers.

However, you will be first to know and get a sneak-preview in due time!

Meanwhile, enjoy the Joy of Spring, the Bliss and Renewal reflecting in these pictures and more will follow.

Restio Landscape in West Coast National Park

Restio Landscape in West Coast National Park

As spring has arrived in South Africa, the flowers in the West Coast National Park to the north of Cape Town have exploded in endless carpets in white, yellow, orange, mauve and blue. Exactly one year ago I reported on the West Coast Spring Flowers 2011 – in today’s post I focus on the magnificent restio landscape in the West Coast National Park.

Restio Landscape by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Restios in West Coast National Park

I have always loved restios for their elegance and gracefulness, especially if they appear in masses like here in the West Coast National Park. Before diving into an incredible abundance of colours – which I think is even more intensive this year than a year ago in 2011 -, I explored the fine lines and hues in the morning light that expressed so much serenity, peace and harmony, all of which we need so much in today’s world. Imagine the gentle rustling of a sea breeze and the many little voices uniting in a chorus of joy and gratitude for yet another beautiful day!

Restios in West Coast National Park by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Working with Blending Modes in Photoshop CS6

While the original digital photo of the restio landscape was fine – bearing in mind that I shot with a simple low-end camera and without using a tripod – we catch up on that ‘little extra’ with the fine tools so many software programs offer us today. Personally, I stick to Adobe Photoshop CS6 and get great results simply by working with blending modes. It’s a process where time stands still and we become the image itself… As such, the more we exercise and experiment the more astonishing results we get and while this may have been for my personal pleasure, we get to know when and how to apply what for a specific purpose once it presents itself, say for a wedding picture for a wedding website or photo album.

Restio Landscape in West Coast National Park by Bianca Gubalke

Digital Photography and Photoshop in a way go together, unless we have a professional high-end camera and get a much higher and better resolution. This is on my wishlist for the next visit in September 2013!

Best Food in Noordhoek

Best Food in Noordhoek

Following my article on “Spring in Noordhoek“, the next topic that definitely interests our three little goslings and their parents is where to get the best food in Noordhoek!

Best Food in Noordhoek

Best Food in Noordhoek

Given the fact that Egyptian geese have their hands full – or perhaps rather their wings full – to watch over their adorable offspring and protect the little goslings against all kinds of predators like hawks, eagles, snakes, cats, mongoose and even dogs, they see to it that the kids are fed and learn how to find food themselves, but it’s often only at the end of a long and hectic day that they themselves are on the lookout for the best food in Noordhoek.

In this particular case their choice seems to be clear: as of day 2 the very shy gander ate from my hand, with my loyal tomcat watching. A picture of peace despite contrast – just beautiful!

Digital Photography on the go for a publication ‘in progress’… hence to be continued…