Windows 8 Pro Seminar with Ycademy

Windows 8 Pro Seminar with Ycademy

Following my articles earlier regarding the downloading and installation of the brand-new Windows 8 Pro version, we are looking forward to the Windows 8 Pro Seminar with Ycademy this weekend!

Windows 8 Pro Seminar with Ycademy hosted by Bianca Gubalke

Windows 8 Pro Seminar with Ycademy

The question is whether or not a Windows 8 Pro Seminar with Ycademy is needed and if so, why?

At the end of the day it’s basically Windows 7… so what’s better and what’s the difference?

We all know that as website designers and website developers we need to remain at the top of developments and as the virtual world is mad about apps, you will have at least one big question answered the moment you open your new Windows 8 Start screen and say WOW! But there’s more and we will go into it.

Ycademy Seminar November 2012 Photo by Bianca Gubalke Photography

ADOBE Illustrator

Additionally, we will get a first grip on ADOBE Illustrator and learn how to create vector graphics. These become the more important as we focus increasingly also on print media.

OnOne Tools

Last but not least and time-depending, we will look into OnOneTools – which I personally really like and have been working with extensively. But the latest version is quite something else and I’ve created both pictures on this page using some of its features.

Bianca Gubalke Showcase Image 2012

It seems winter is back in Noordhoek: it’s stormy, cold and raining… the rains obviously are graciously and thankfully accepted, the rest is totally out of synch! Nevertheless, our two guineafowl families frolick in the garden, one couple has tiny chicks, the other one’s are already able to fly. A joy to see wild life passing by … and capturing such moments on the digital camera!


Windows 8 Pro installation

Windows 8 Pro installation

Here is how to complete your Windows 8 Pro installation after doing the steps we discussed in my article “How to get your Windows 8 Pro and Save Money“.

Windows 8 Pro installation by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Windows 8 Pro installation

For my Windows 8 Pro installation I started my computer (still on Windows 7) and inserted the DVD we created with Windows 8 and let it run, following instructions like inserting the Product key.It ran through pretty smoothly, rebooting many times as it seems – and I went out to do some errands.

Once back, it seemed to be hanging on a black screen but the harddrive kept flashing – so something was happening. As this didn’t change for a while, I got nervous and consulted quite some forums on the “Win 8 black screen issue” – which is very real in some specific cases. But we also don’t know how long the installation should take. For someone it may be 3 hours, for someone else it may take much longer. Noone had done a Windows 8 Pro upgrade in my area down here yet, so noone knew the answer either.

I kept checking and trying – and suddenly all just seemed to be ready! I did my settings – skipping my email address for maximum privacy – and finally I ended up pn the Start screen with all its colourful Windows apps – and from here the journey was pretty easy and enjoyable!

It is important to see to it that all drivers are updated and if there are errors – like here my graphics card cannot be found and it’s a pretty new one I bought not long ago – these things should be addressed as soon as possible.

The next big lot will be the media center… but at least here you have the next step, so take heart and do your setup now, especially if you attend this month’s Ycademy Seminar November 2012 as then this part has to be done so we can move into the more interesting ‘inside story’.


And the sunset above was just yesterday, as seen from my terrace down here in Noordhoek, South Africa!

How to get your Windows 8 Pro and Save Money

How to get your Windows 8 Pro and Save Money

Windows 8 Pro has been released and for a limited time, you can upgrade your PC running a previous version of Windows to Windows 8 Pro for a special price. Here’s how to get your Windows 8 and Save Money!

How to get your Windows 8 and Save Money by Bianca Gubalke

How to get your Windows 8 Pro and Save Money

If you want to get your Windows 8 Pro and Save Money you want to first get a normal 4,7 GB writable DVD, so you can instal and launch it whenever you are ready for it. As to my info the low price will end sometime in January 2013.
This is how I proceded so far (you need the DVD for this as per above):
Go here:
Go top “Download & Shop”
Select “Get your hands on Windows 8” > Buy Windows 8
Download Window 8 Pro for $39.99 ERP
Now the Win8 Upgrade Assistant.exe downloads and you get a popup that checks which programs on your PC are compatible, which not (those you will have to reinstal later). It’s fast and you see what you may lose.
You can pay very fast and easily via CC or PayPal after providing your Billing address. You will immediately receive proof of payment and your product Key – this is important to keep!
5. Start the Download – here it took me just over 6 hours on a slow line. You may continue working on your PC but I just left it alone.
6. Once that’s done, from the 3 options you get choose the second: Instal by Creating Media.
7. Burn the ISO file to a DVD (see blue screen) – here you also see your Product Key and, just above that, you see Open DVD Burner.
8. Then choose CD/DVD and insert a normal 4.7 GB writable DVD into your DVD burner.
9. Once you click Open DVD Burner the Windows Disc Image Burner comes up.
Give it a title – eg. WIN8 and Date – and tick Verify disc after burning.
10. Here AutoPlay then opens where I choose “Burn Files to Disc” and I tick “With CD/DVD Player”.
11. Click BURN on the Windows Disc Image Burner to start the burning process.
It takes about 15 minutes and you are done!
12. Once done, you get a confirmation of success and you can close and finish.
13. Now put the DVD you burnt in a protective cover and write your personal product Key on it so you have it handy once you instal your WINDOWS 8 – or in case you ever have to repair it.
You’re done, you have the latest technology at your fingertips and you can get it onto your PC anytime you are ready for it.
And the best of it is that you saved 30$ by not buying the DVD they offer ($69) plus shipping costs by simply burning that DVD yourself!
Great deal – go for it as long as it lasts!

YCADEMY Seminar November 2012

The YCADEMY November Seminar 2012 will look into the setup and problem solving – if any – of the new Windows 8 Pro version on our machines! And we will focus on ADOBE Illustrator… another fully packed Ycademy workshop over two days! And it’s almost year-end!

Wedding Photo Book

Wedding Photo Book

Creating one’s own Wedding Website is the smart solution for anyone with a large family spread all over the world and wanting to stay in control of their name, content and – in this case – wedding photography – which is not the case with Social Media websites as everyone knows by now. However, besides the virtual world of the Internet there is the very physical, material world we live in and a Wedding Photo Book is something that can be looked at and passed along from generation to generation as was and is the case in our family and most probably in your’s as well.

Wedding Photo Book designed by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Wedding Photo Book

Many wedding photographers offer a “Wedding Photo Book” or “Wedding Album” as part of their major package – and it makes sense! They usually work with templates into which the photos taken at the wedding are placed chronologically.

While my focus over the past years has been strictly online, it now shifts back to include print media as well. Having created many catalogues, books and posters (especially for Art, Culture and Architecture, Culinary and Kids), well before digital times, this meant diving into new programs, especially ADOBE InDesign, and learning the basics. This lead to the first Wedding Photo Book version – under extreme time pressure that left no room for much experimenting – but that forced me to learn and act fast and that allowed me to fulfill a task in a very attractive way.

Wedding Photo Book designed by Bianca Gubalke Photography

When comparing the online and offline methodology for publications there are fundamental differences. When we edit a picture for the online environment, i.e. for the web – we want it to be as light as possible while keeping as much quality as possible, so we save it at resolution 72; for print it has to be 300 dpi, no matter what! While online we work with a .jpg or a .png in RGB, for print it’s in CMYK … and the big lesson here is also that while your low-end digital camera is perfect for the screen, you need a quality photo camera to take quality pictures for print, fullstop!

The pictures here show screenshots of the spread in ADOBE InDesign (above) and the very good PDF proofs at the top and below (single pages) that show how the page in the printed book should look, although that then depends again on the choice of paper and the inks used.

Wedding Photo Book designed by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Print at affordable prices

An interesting journey! With the incredible possibilities to print at affordable prices today – unthought of in the ‘old days’ – we all can write, edit and publish our own book today!

That’s a kind of freedom I like!