Good Evening from Noordhoek

Good Evening from Noordhoek

The last visible sunset at Chapman’s Peak is a good reason to send everybody a cheerful “Good Evening from Noordhoek” – in gold !

Sunset at Chapman's Peak by Bianca Gubalke Photography

On its path – depending on who’s looking from where and how of course – the sun disappears from our sight around mid February and returns around mid November. At Christmas we see it sinking into the Atlantic Ocean, right in front of us.

Good Evening from Noordhoek

These days we unfortunately spend more time on cleaning out hacks than enjoying something like a peaceful and serene “Good Evening from Noordhoek” – or grabbing a digital camera and taking photographs.

However, it seems these brave guys have upgraded from hitting normal people to the likes of Facebook and Microsoft. May those entitities deal with them accordingly.

Now for a glass of champagne to celebrate the end of February 2013 – on my sister’s birthday February 29th – forever young! Cheers!

First March Lilies 2013

First March Lilies 2013

The first March Lilies (Amaryllis belladonna) 2013 greeted me early this morning when I stepped into my garden! The ideal moment for some flower photography: a bright pink bouquet of amazing beauty with Chapman’s Peak in Noordhoek, South Africa, in the background! The perfect “Good morning from Noordhoek!”

First March Lilies in my garden !

First March Lilies 2013

Perhaps it’s a bit early for the first March Lilies, but I am thrilled whenever I see them coming up! It means that it will get a little cooler and – hopefully for Nature and the gardens – the rains are not far away!

First March Lilies in my Garden 2013

Amaryllis belladonna

The huge trumpetlike flowers of the Amaryllis belladonna exhude a fine scent and are an unforgetful sight when growing in carpets on a mountain slope. They love rocks and rocky soil. While the seeds are distributed by the wind, they have large clumps of bulbs that can be separated during the dormant season and transplanted. That’s how I transplanted these in a sheltered yet very central spot, close to rocks and agapanthus.

I will have to inspect my garden for all the secret places that may explode in pink within the next days! They will attract honey bees and carpenter bees and I have seen sunbirds hovering over them. Unfortunately, there’s also a black and yellow striped caterpillar – the lily borer – that means big trouble. If I see it I remove it by hand and cut off the infected and damaged parts of the foliage. If I don’t, the little bugger continues to eat its way through and the stem eventually collapses. I’m sure there is other food around – just not these stunning march lilies that don’t last forever anyway!

Interestingly, the longish leaves of the amaryllis belladonna only appear after flowering and remain green and juicy throughout winter. This rather unusual phenomenon is called hysteranthy.

How to create your own mobile App

How to create your own mobile App

The revolutionary creation of the iphone has changed the way people act and interact with their devices forever. We see sales via the mobile web rising at spectacular speed and there is no doubt that the future on the Internet belongs to applications – apps. Hence the necessity for us as web developers and web designers on WordPress based Semiomantics scripts to start this complex and costly process by learning how to create our own mobile app. A good way to start is by using the WiziApp plugin and create an HTML5 mobile App for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone – even for free. The paid version allows obviously for much more freedom in terms of customization and offers the possibility to publish our App as a native app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Android market.

Bianca Gubalke Mobile App on iPhone

How to create your own mobile App

Yesterday’s Ycademy Workshop focused on how to create your own Mobile App using the WiziApp plugin. Here are a few screenshots of our results showing how the mobile app simulation basically displays on an iPhone:

Example Gene Line – simple and clean with the focus on what is essential and a nice colour combination and composition:

Gene Line Mobile App

Example Ute Schaedler featuring her software business empire:

Ute Schaedler Mobile App

Example Joe Cettina – here comes the beer… and featuring the WiziApp Logo of the free version – not something we want on a professional version of course!

Joe Cettina Mobile App

This was a simple exercise for which we used our author blogs. We all used our Apple Touch Icon Logo that we designed a while ago (has to be loaded 1024 x 1024 px).

Important: always add a picture to a post so you don’t end up with an empty space like here:

Joe Cettina Mobile App

The mantra will continue: app, app, app………………