Piu Piu of Noordhoek – Day 3

Piu Piu of Noordhoek – Day 3

Time flies – it’s already day 3 in the new life of Piu Piu of Noordhoek! 

Piu Piu of Noordhoek by Bianca Gubalke

Piu Piu of Noordhoek

Have a wonderful Piu Piu Day!

More adventures about Piu Piu of Noordhoek to follow soon…


Piu Piu of Noordhoek

Piu Piu of  Noordhoek –  Day 2

After spending his first night totally relaxed and with an abundance of sweet gosling dreams filled with butterflies to chase and baby snails to impress, Piu Piu of Noordhoek followed his new ‘mother’ obediently and chirping loud and cheerfully on an early morning walk to the pond. As it was still a little dark and chilly, he wasn’t yet in swimming and diving mood, but took long conscientious sips of water and nibbled at the wet greens and whatever delicacies were hidden on the muddy ground. It was too funny to see millions of tadpoles shooting in all directions – just because of him! Awesome me – WOW!

Piu Piu - Novel by Bianca Gubalke

Piu Piu of  Noordhoek –  Day 2

After such a great beginning in his new home, Piu Piu of Noordhoek was ready for the first shimmering morning light and to take on the day – and his new world!

His motto for the day: Just do it!

Did you say … fly?

Piu Piu of Noordhoek

Piu Piu of Noordhoek

Piu Piu of Noordhoek is back! Incredible, but true – and most significant within the context of the novel “PIU PIU” that is currently going through the usual editing and publishing birth pains, almost on the exact day when the wild Egyptian goose “Piu Piu” had literally left us, he-she-it is back again! There are no coincidences… and I know, some of you will just smile!

Piu Piu -  Novel by Bianca Gubalke

Piu Piu of Noordhoek

This time we believe that Piu Piu of Noordhoek is a ‘he’ and not a female… but noone can tell until we hear the real voice! For the time being it’s more of a loud chirping – but very softly at night, so noone wakes up! Too sweet!

As before, he had fallen from the nest and was rescued by our neighbours – and then hand-reared for the first 2-3 weeks. However, little goslings need a lot of attention and care… and protection against eagles, mongoose, hawks, owls, dogs, cats, perhaps even snakes and lynx and who knows what else – and that’s impossible if you travel a lot. So the gosling needed a new home – and guess who was all too happy to open the door! We are all looking forward to the time Piu Piu can fly: will he fly away? Or visit us? Or just remain and go on occasional jolls?

In any case, the story starts on Tuesday, 26 November 2013 – Day One!

I will post regular updates here to share the joy and happiness this little creature brings – and a lot of learning, too! Nature speaks so clearly through him! It’s good to be reminded of how simple and gradiose life is, and how a little gosling expresses its sheer gratitude so abundantly each single day! Living completely in the NOW, following its highest bliss!

We’ll be back with more tomorrow :)

YouTube Channel Art

YouTube Channel Art

YouTube now offers its members the new YouTube Channel Art way to present themselves – so here’s Bianca Gubalke on YouTube, featuring “The Path to all Possibilities” lead by a stunning blue-headed lizard inbetween the rocks of my garden in Noordhoek, South Africa! Actually, I photographed this male together with a female, which I will show you in due time. They really have a prehistoric flair and are extremely curious and interesting creatures!

Channel Art Bianca Gubalke

Bianca Gubalke on YouTube

“Bianca Gubalke on YouTube” is not really new, of course, but YouTube has given us exact measurements to optimally use the available space, be it for desktop or tablet, with a clear and pretty slim indication for the ‘logo safe’ area as you can see on my screenshot below. The main part of the picture, i.e. the lizard itself, fits perfectly into the ‘logo safe’ area. Ideally, I could place a logo for “Web Design South Africa” resp. “Web Design with Passion” here, but at this stage I just wanted an image, and placed some text into the desktop area. By the way, this will correspond to a TV screen . . . Exciting developments here!

Bianca Gubalke on YouTube

YouTube Channel Art

If you haven’t looked into this yet, log into your YouTube account and work on the “YouTube Channel Art” that you will find there, just as I did. Create your own image in Photoshop and insert it. Your logo will automatically be displayed to the left and your main website with favicon to the bottom right – as you see below.

Bianca Gubalke on YouTube

The measurements for the Channel Art Template are important and as follows:

TV size: 2560 x 1440 px

Desktop Max: 2560 x 423 px

Tablet: 1855 x 423 px

Desktop minimum and mobile: 1546 x 423 px

Text & Logo safe area: 1546 x 423 px

Enjoy and experiment!

Bianca Gubalke Showcase 2012

Bianca Gubalke on Google +

Bianca Gubalke on Google +

Bianca Gubalke is now on Google + – not that we haven’t been there before, but not with the clear intention that drives us now :)

Bianca Gubalke on Google +

Web Design South Africa on Google +

As my focus online is predominantly on Web Development and Website Design, I chose Web Design South Africa (Web Design with Passion – Bianca Gubalke) as my main business page.

Bianca Gubalke on Google +

Although I like to show my own website for easy recognition, I played with the different services I offer – well, some of them! – as you can also see on my slider HERE.

Bianca Gubalke Design