Happy Christmas from Noordhoek

Happy Christmas from Noordhoek

Piu Piu and his whole family – 2-legged, 4-legged, winged and everything inbetween – are wishing you a very  “Happy Christmas from Noordhoek”  and a joyful and relaxed time with your families and friends!

Piu Piu of Noordhoek - Happy Christmas 2013

Happy Christmas from Noordhoek

With the year 2014 being the “Year of Reinvention”, we combine our “Happy Christmas from Noordhoek” with blessings and best wishes for YOU to reinvent yourself and experience a new year 2014 filled with absolute joy and abundance!

Piu Piu Fanmail

Piu Piu Fanmail

Today I got my first “Piu Piu Fanmail” – from a very attractive Canadian goose living in Seraincourt, which is just outside of Paris in France! WOW!  You immediately see she comes from a world de luxe… Paris!  What can I say? You think of Folies Bergères, the Crazy Horse and, of course, the Lido… seeing all those elegant feathers … not to speak of her make-up! Simply divine! Here we see without any doubt THE new look for 2014… isn’t she lovely?  Oh…… I seem to be in a singing mood today. Must be the heat!

Fanmail from Seraincourt

Piu Piu Fanmail

Thank you for the Piu Piu Fanmail – merci et bisous à Seraincourt! – I’ll push over a little sunshine, too… not much light in France these days :)

Piu Piu of Noordhoek - Day 24

I had to wait until “Piu Piu of Noordhoek – Day 24” for the world to wake up and respond in goose-style! I hope there will be many more mails like that! MANY MANY MORE PLEASE!  Oh, and you can skype me, too! Unless an elephant sits on the line… which does happen regularly these days… Oh well, maybe it’s not the elephant after all… but Father Xmas?

Have an abundant Piu Piu Day!

South Africa’s Foundation

South Africa’s Foundation

Today, South Africa laid its greatest son to rest, Nelson Mandela.

Today, South Africa’s new Foundation was laid: Let freedom reign!

Today, we were given another chance… an incredible opportunity… a gift!

Today, we stand up together for the values he taught us… by LIVING them.

Today’s dignity, freedom and ubuntu…   “It always seems impossible until it’s done!”

Ycademy Seminar December 2013

Ycademy Seminar December 2013

The Ycademy year ends with today’s Ycademy Seminar December 2013 – the final online workshop of the year 2013!  As WordPress based publishing remains the most efficient way to build meaningful websites for most any purpose, and for many people out there self-hosted WP set-ups are a complex matter, the new YORGOO has developed Pro Publisher, the all-round solution for optimized publishing.  Therefore,  today’s Seminar will focus on the pre-release YORGOO Pro Publisher, following the Profile page HERE we set up at the November Seminar two weeks ago.

Ycademy Seminar December 2013

So what is the new YORGOO Pro Publisher?

The new YORGOO Pro Publisher simply is the most advanced managed WordPress Publisher out there on the virtual market! While it gives all website owners a brilliant control over their online real estate – even allowing them to use their own domain names … unlike social networks do – there is no need to take care of hosting issues, updates, maintenance or hacks… all that ‘stuff’ we really don’t want to waste our valuable time, money and nerves with! And we know they are a reality and most probably won’t stop… well to the contrary! It’s all included in this most optimized online environment.

Besides, YORGOO Pro Publisher owners (admins)  have multiple advantages, such as the possibility of creating multiple sites from their dashboard as well as the option to participate in the YORGOO Affiliate program. At the Seminar, we will go step by step through the set up of features and options of Pro Publisher.

Ycademy Seminar December 2013

As the Ycademy Seminar December 2013 closes the annual cycle, we always look back at what we have gone into, learned and achieved over the past year! As the Semiomantics Website Development and Design keeps us on our toes at “Web Design South Africa” all year long, we tend to forget the many important topics we’ve incorporated – be it the new Windows 8.1, the new Adobe CC, the construction of an App, the new XO, the new XR and – most spectacularly: the new YORGOO!

So please have a look at the compilation below in form of a little slideshow – with music! – to give you an idea! Bearing in mind the renaissance of YORGOO and this month’s focus on the YORGOO Pro Publisher, I thought Vivialdi’s  first notes of Spring were appropriate!

As we proceed and time-permitting, I will give more feedback in due time!

Enjoy a super Saturday !

Piu Piu of Noordhoek – Day 14

Piu Piu of  Noordhoek –  Day 14

For Piu Piu of Noordhoek, Day 14 was a most unusual day as thousands of people of all colours and cultures as well as heads of states and other dignitaries from all over the world were gathering  in Johannesburg, South Africa,   for the extraordinary memorial service for Nelson Mandela – Madiba. I listened a bit as my ‘angel in boots’ attended online. I thought the speech of President Obama was very impressive, especially the last part, when he spoke about the spiritual dimension. I can connect to that. And I loved Bishop Desmond Tutu, at the end; he always is so witty and heart-warming!

Piu Piu of Noordhoek - Day 14

I missed the rest inbetween as the sun was just too glorious to resist and I really had to stretch my fast-growing wings! I wonder where they’ll end up one day??!

We all are still surprised when I stretch these things that are part of me, and they seem to be getting longer and heavier each day! Someone even mentioned that I already look like a real goose! That made me so proud!

Piu Piu of Noordhoek - Day 14

So, for my part, I made it a real celebration day – swimming and ducking and diving and really enjoying this beautiful life!

In that spirit, have a happy Piu Piu Day!

Piu Piu of Noordhoek

Piu Piu of  Noordhoek –  Day 13

Piu Piu of Noordhoek – Day 13 already – WOO!

Yesterday, my ‘angel in boots’ started my first “flying lessons” by making me run across the lawn like the mad mongoose was right on my heels! Yuuuuih! I promise that – one day – I will fly much faster than she can run! Then we’ll try it the other way round! Yes, I told her that… but she just laughed, saying she was flying already…  So let’s see what she’s up to today? She won’t chase me up the roof next to the messy hadedas, I hope?

She says I start looking like a real goose… what do YOU think?

Piu Piu of Noordhoek - Day 13

Before getting into all that hot flying stuff, I better spend the day in the pond! The sun is lovely this morning, although the mist is already rolling in from the sea. Just right for me…

Piu Piu of  Noordhoek

Good news: Piu Piu of Noordhoek – the novel – is completed and currently going through the editing process.  I can’t wait to see who I was before I became who I am…

Does this make sense?

Anyways, Life is Bliss … and I wish you all a super Piu Piu week!

Goodbye Madiba

Goodbye Madiba

Finally, South Africa’s living icon of change, hope and reconciliation – Nelson Mandela – went home. Goodbye, Madiba – rest in peace. You are in our hearts forever!

Goodbye Madiba -by Bianca Gubalke

Goodbye Madiba

This moment did not come unexpected; but today the nation unites in grief: goodbye, Madiba! Our hearts and prayers go out to the family…

But may we not forget that while his eternal spirit celebrates a human experience lived to its fulfillment, we who are left behind, can best thank him by carrying on the torch and continuing to build his dream! Not only for ourselves and our country, but for the world as ONE!

Bishop Desmond Tutu so much expressed what many of us feel in these profound moments: thank you for those memories from the heart and the message of hope and confidence in who we are!

Nelson Mandela is gone, long live his legacy!