Ycademy Seminar November 2014

How to create a calendar 2015

News about this month’s online Ycademy Seminar November 2014: with the holiday season, Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, the focus was firstly on creating an attractive photo calendar 2015 for the upcoming year, and, secondly, to resurrect our WordPress based Author Blogs with a new information architecture following the rough ride for many of us after Google changed its algorhythm.

Landscape Photography by Bianca Gubalke


The calendar workshop not only allowed everyone to get back into ADOBE Photoshop and InDesign – for those who have been too busy with other matters and needed some refreshers – but to also make good use of the many digital photos shot over the course of the year, possibly following a certain theme like baby portraits, flowers, street photography or pets. A beautifully crafted calendar with a personal touch is always a precious gift for family and friends, either in its online format or in printed form.

Who doesn’t love a gift that comes from the heart and has meaning?

It’s not difficult to do as the good news is that we don’t need to start from scratch! That would be a lot of work indeed…

No, we’ll be using one of the many calendar templates (or scripts) available online as a base; just search Google for ‘calendar template for Photoshop or InDesign’ and you’ll find something that corresponds to your taste, language and culture – as national and/or religious holidays differ from country to country. However, you can change and adapt or simply omit most items so that you end up with a product that exactly is what you want. A stunning image needs no words – so once again, dear friends, it’s all about great photos! Bear in mind that you want to keep the high resolution for prints (300) and reduce it when you save for the web as usual (72). Convert to a pdf and voilà!

Most importantly: have fun while being on the journey – and let the energy you put into your work splash over and shine through to your viewers!



New information architecture for WordPress Blogs

Following the dramatic changes on Google over the past year, and based on our recent SEO Seminar HERE and many online workshops over the past weeks, the decision was taken to intervene on our existing Author Blogs and integrate a new information architecture and concept in terms of categories and tags as well as custom taxonomies for best WordPress optimization for our websites and blogs.

With the ongoing explosion of the mobile web, more emphasis will be placed on the mobile version of our websites, meaning to learn and understand how to modify templates for the mobile version.

Our final Ycademy Seminar 2014 will take place on Saturday, 13 December 2014! Has another year gone by … again?