Merry Christmas 2015

Time of Giving and Reflection

It’s been a great and productive year for usĀ at Web Design South Africa which now slowly draws to a close with a quiet time of giving and reflection. Thank you, my dear friends and loyal readers, for having been a part of it. Here’s wishing you a happy Christmas from Noordhoek, South Africa, with a focus on joy, peace and inner fulfillment, and may blessings rain and reign over you in the new year, 2015!

Bianca Gubalke Wishs Happy Christmas 2015


Until we speak again. . .

Ycademy Seminar with WP Twenty Fifteen

Takashi Irie creates new WP default theme 2015

Promptly before the year ends, and just in time for the final Ycademy Seminar 2014, WordPress presents its brand-new default theme Twenty Fifteen designed by Takashi Irie (Theme Generator at Automattic).

Bianca Gubalke hosts Ycademy Seminar December 2014

Clearly with the mobile market and a great browsing experience across all devices (iphones, ipads, laptops, widescreens…) in mind, the new Twenty Fifteen is simple yet elegant and absolutely blog-focused. It allows for great customization, ie. the inclusion of custom headers and custom backgrounds. With a visually pleasing typography across many language platforms – Google’s Noto Serif and Sans – it could potentially become the preferred theme for writers and anyone delivering great original content via text – and this with or without adding images and/or media to it. It just looks good!

Twenty Fifteen on YORGOO

While Konstantin Obenland reports that it is ‘by far not complete’ at this stage, the comments from specialists in the field have been positive and encouraging, with many considering to use the attractive new WP theme as their default theme for further development. Accordingly, and as we are always observing and following the latest WP trends, WordPress Pro themes and plugins as well as the WP 2015 theme will be part of the Ycademy Online Seminar December 2014.

Twenty Fifteen may well find its way into YORGOO! Excited here at Web Design with Passion :)

Land Art Event on Noordhoek Common

Land Art on Noordhoek Common

“…and all that remains is a photograph…” This was my inspiration to take my camera and spend some time at Sunday’s Land Art on Noordhoek Common, where Noordhoek artists like Wilma Cruise, Karin Lijnes, Janet Botes, Janet Ranson and others took what Nature offered in terms of sand, twigs, leaves, rocks, sticks, trees, reflective water, hollow tree trunks, flowers, withering bark and mud to create spaces, perspectives and annotations to engage in a dialogue with the environment and its people.

Noordhoek Landart 2014

These creations do not last; they dissolve, decompose, and eventually disappear with time…

However, within that short time, communion takes place. People from all walks of life come together, winding their way along the designated path underneath old oaks. . .

At times standing still to contemplate…

Breathing in the magnificent day, the idyllic setting, a moment of timelessness.

Then treading lightly and carefully in the shadows… and whispering under the glistening sun… astounded, amused, intrigued…

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