Online Ycademy Seminar January 2015

Elegant Website Design

It is amazing how the mobile world has influenced and changed the way we create web pages – and continues to do so! We no longer click, we scroll! We swipe! We no longer read – our eyes scan images, videos, animations, icons and infographics instead, wanting to be hooked, informed, entertained. As technology advances and adapts to the new needs and trends at breathtaking speed – at times we wonder what comes first? – we as web designers follow, learn, apply and try to remain at the forefront of web developments to offer what all web design customers want: to stand out, to attract, satisfy and convert.

Online Editing Workshop

Online Editing with Flair

I don’t know about you . . . but have you noticed how websites that stand out today increasingly have the look and flair of elegant magazines? The printed version, I mean.

In the first place, it’s all about high quality photography – and we’ve invested many workshops at Ycademy over the course of 2014 to improve our skills. As most seminar participants don’t have the sophisticated high-end digital camera a professional photographer uses – and in most cases several of them – there is a lot we can achieve with post-editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop and OnOne Tools – just to name those two. What I find interesting, however, is that – despite the fact that now almost everyone can take a good photo with an iphone or any other mobile device – today, more than ever, we see wherein the real art and skill of a good professional lies. You only need to look at websites from Apple and many of the top designers – be it in fashion, cars or luxury watches – and you know what I mean. Breathtaking . . . brilliant – such a pleasure to see what is possible in terms of online design today. Clearly, all this is also powered by faster lines, higher resolutions, better and bigger screens. . . but, yes, there’s also so much to learn! It simply never stops and one wonders if it ever ends. . . and if so, where that could possibly be?

Agreed, that level of perfection may be well beyond a normal web designer’s means, however, there’s more. It has to do with online editing and publishing techniques. What fonts we choose, how we combine and style them. The colour scheme. Backgrounds. Backgrounds that need no longer be static: backgrounds that change and move and enhance what we really want to show. . . or just be that subtle note, that something more than just a colour, an image. A visceral layer perhaps? Today, we can go beyond! And, of course, the layout on the page… the way the text flows inbetween columns, wraps around images, sliders, graphs, large videos, animations and sound, offering a level of interactivity like never before!

Ycademy Seminar January 2015

As all this needs smart composing, editing and publishing tools to establish the necessary information architecture, and after our excursion into the latest WordPress Theme 2015 in our final Seminar 2014 – the first Ycademy Seminar this year – January 2015 – focuses on providing not only access to these fine tools but also teaching the fundamentals to establish an understanding of how these tools work, how one should use them, and how prime themes and a responsive material design can help creative web designers achieve the look they wish to give their websites . . . and how we online storytellers can ideally translate the pictures we have in our minds into the virtual space.

As all things of value, this ain’t done overnight and more information will be shared as new websites see the light of the day!

We at Web Design with Passion wish you an extraordinary day!

© 2015 Bianca Gubalke