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Amazing fact: if you click on and do a search for Kindle Store > eBooks, a staggering… a mindblowing number comes up: 4,135,190 search results – in other words: books! So it was quite a daunting task to setup a 3-day Free Kindle Promotion, especially as it was a completely new experience, and I hesitate when hearing ‘free’, but I’m curious and teachable – so off we went, head, line and sinker!

Now, the big question was: Where would my book ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’ end up?

Rank 3 on Metaphysical Kindle

Amazon hasn’t even synchronized all reviews from its different platforms to show under my book details on the main site. That would certainly be a bummer (and it was, as I realized later on…). So I took it all as a big adventure . . . but when I saw how the stats started to spike on day 2 . . . Then passing 200 – remember: it’s the average book sales authors make . . . and then it went on and on and on! Whew! I felt more on the online Formula 1 race track and NOW things became fun! And when I – almost accidentally – discovered the book on rank #3 under > Literature & Fiction > Metaphysical, my jaw dropped to the floor! You can see the original screenshot on MY AUTHOR BLOG HERE.

The importance of having a platform

That ain’t that bad! Or is it? OK, it’s nothing. Yet . . .

Well, although there were many lessons learned – you should have seen me getting active even on Twitter! ME tweeting – unheard of! – a lot remains to be learned, improved and implemented. It was just a first step. As most authors, I’d love to just write and dig myself completely into that other world, leaving the marketing to someone else. Although I love to interact with my readers – anytime. But writing and marketing is like wearing two different hats . . .

But the reality today is that whether you’re self-published or traditionally published or both, what counts is the size of your platform, meaning your followers, friends, readers and raving fans. In other words, people who love your work and would buy your books anytime . . . in fact, they’re eagerly waiting for them! That’s nothing you start with, this needs to be carefully planned and patiently built over time. As I said above, interacting with my readers is something I absolutely love and do regularly through my monthly newsletter and occasional updates inbetween. You’re welcome to join my Newsletter – see the link below or in the navigation menu.


But for now, I’d like to thank everyone who supported me on this journey! Especially also my Facebook Friends! I promise . . . I guarantee! – it won’t be the last time!

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Kindle Book Promotion – Free

A gift to all my friends and readers: a free copy of my new magical realism novel on Amazon-Kindle! Grab the book; the promotion will be running for 3 days only. I’m so excited to be able to offer this! Who would enjoy it? I’ve addressed baby boomers specifically, but am being told by teachers and moms that they pass the book on to their teenagers, who have no problems reading it, even love it. I thought it’s rather for females as I have strong female leads – but am surprised by the positive feedback I get from men. I’m very grateful for that – THANK YOU!


Free Kindle eBook Promotion


No Kindle Reader – No problem!

You can read the book on your iPad or download ‘Kindle for Desktop’ at no cost and just 2 clicks. You do this directly on amazon – it’s what I use as well for all the books I bought on Kindle. It’s right on your PC and very convenient. It’s like having your own library – and obviously much cheaper than buying hardcover books. Mind you, nothing beats a real book – and you can also buy my softcover book on amazon, but there I couldn’t offer it as a gift.

5 Star Reviews

If you like what you read, may I ask you to take a moment and leave an honest review. You don’t see all the reviews the book received so far on Amazon yet, as Amazon has not synchronized all reviews yet, so you only see what was posted on amazon. com

However, feel free to have a look at some other Reviews for ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’.

I just discovered this on


Format: Taschenbuch Verifizierter Kauf

I LOVED how this story captured my imagination right from the start and carried me away to a place full of magic and wonder, laughter and tears, and, sometimes, breathless suspense.

I fell in love with the characters so much I didn’t want it to end! Again and again, the unexpected happened and kept sweeping me off my feet …

Witty. Poetic. Beautifully written. A special treat I’ll come back to time and again . . .


This is all new to me as I’m a so-called ‘hybrid author’ – meaning, I’ve been published traditionally but now go it all alone. I’m learning… learning… and I need your support!!!



Dance Between Worlds Series

Set in a land of shifting realities – the Western Cape coast of South Africa, between Nature’s paradise and a ruthless world – and based on the heartbreaking true story of a human-animal bond, this magical journey reveals how one powerful girl with her enigmatic cat and the wild creatures who are her constant guides, join in the ultimate adventure: to unlock the mystery of life after death.

Please don’t forget to tell me what you think . . . it’s very important to me. Especially, as the next book in this series – Dance Between Worlds – is in preparation . . .

The Cape of Flames

Magic of Fire

We’re pleased to announce that we’re releasing Part 8 of the Author Interview on Magical Realism and other questions we asked the author of the new South African novel The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’ , conducted by Arteby Publishing (AP) on 17th January, 2016, based on a series of 10 questions. Please follow the transcript below. The Interviews will be loaded to YouTube in due time. Here is Author Interview 7. Just in case you have missed it. Please take note that this is Book 1 in a series called ‘Dance Between Worlds‘.

Author Interview with Bianca Gubalke


AP: It seems that fire plays an important role in your story. You dedicated a whole Chapter to it: The Cape of Flames. From which perspective should we look at it – real or magical? Could you elaborate a bit on this topic?

BG: Real or magical – that’s a very good question! I think we should look at it from both angles.

The Real:

Yes, we really went through this historic fire that ravaged through the entire Cape Peninsula in January 2000. We lost almost everything as far as the garden is concerned. The descriptions in Chapter 10 – ‘Cape of Flames’ – are very accurate, so I won’t go into them here. And then – exactly 15 years later, at the end of March 2015 – it happened again. Exactly after 15 years – that’s important here as we’re looking at cycles. What is always amazing during such trying times is the human spirit that suddenly rises to stand up as ONE – and we sometimes wonder where it comes from and where it goes once the challenges are over and everything goes back to ‘normal’ again. Is it rooted in the here and now? And if so, why does it hide most of the time? Or is it part of ‘. . . that other world where we are all ONE’?

Those 5 days and nights that pushed us to our limits in many ways, also had a kind of magic I’ll never forget. A magic that showed who we truly are, what really counts, and what we are capable of if we really set our minds to it and stand together as ONE. Definitely, fire incorporates both elements – the real and the magical.

The Magical:

Fire is widely regarded as a symbol of spiritual awakening. This implies that before any form of transformation or renewal can happen – be it in case of a person or for Nature itself – it has to literally ‘go through the fire’ . First, a fire has to destroy what’s there before something new can emerge from its ashes. Like the mythical bird, Phoenix, which is part of the name Pippa was given when she was born just after that fire. The historic fires of January 2000 burnt everything to the ground, causing a lot of damage and loss of life. However, as described before, by going through it all together, it also caused a reawakening of the best of the human spirit. South Africans call it Ubuntu – I am because you are.

To come back to the REAL side of things again: fire is essential for the unique fynbos vegetation described in this book. Many fynbos species depend on fire for pro-creation and would become extinct without them happening every ~ 15 years. Many pods lie dormant in the earth for years until the heat of a fire cracks them open and they finally release their seeds. As soon as the first rains arrive, these seeds will take root in the fertile ground, which is now rich in essential minerals from the ashes. It is a magical process: within just a few days or weeks the first glaring red fire lilies rise from the black landscape, followed by countless bulbs and all kinds of new plant life. This again triggers a specific animal life . . . and so on. Nature knows.

Fire as a life force

Fire – as a vital and purifying life force – personifies the magical process of coming and going – life and death. Fire is part of us and we are part of it. It may disguise itself as love, vision, inspiration, passion, music, creativity . . . or as its often ego-driven counter parts, the shadow side, like hatred, greed, jealousy, destruction, gluttony and fear. We all have both sides within us. We’re all ‘on fire’ – otherwise we wouldn’t be alive. Connecting with it . . . embracing it . . . as Pippa does in the story . . . and learning not to fear it, which is Piu Piu’s journey and life purpose – shows us who we really are.

Here’s from a poet I admire:

“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.
Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.
Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

That’s from one of my preferred poets, the sufi mystic Rumi.

If we feel a fire for someone or something inside, we know that we’re alive and authentic. Isn’t that what life’s all about? Whether it’s in the REAL or the MAGICAL realm? Does it matter, really?

In the end it’s all ONE anyway!

AP: Absolutely – thank you so much. And by the way, I loved Chapter 10!

I hope you enjoyed this talk. The transcript of part 9 of our Arteby Author Interview with Bianca Gubalke on her book in the literary genre ‘Magical or Magic Realism’ will follow soon!

Ycademy Seminar February 2016

Android Studio Apps

As more and more mobile users are accessing the web, website designers have to learn how to create apps. The idea is the same as with websites: to occupy space. Not only obviously, but also! Following the App Development in our Ycademy Seminar in January 2016, this month’s webinar focused on building the framework for a City Guide App or a Directory, using online and offline content.

App Development with Android Studio

Points of Interest

When diving into mobile app development, it’s a little like learning a new language: the app terminology! Just look up the acronym POI on Google and it’s quite hilarious what comes up – from POI recipes… to Amazon’s ‘…lovely poi made from a padded weight and a colourful nylon scarf tail’ . . . to ‘all your POI, Fire and Juggling needs‘ – and that’s by far not all – but in app lingo, and especially when thinking ‘City Guide’, the correct definition of POI is “Point(s) Of Interest”. Voilà!

That’s not where it stops! One’s got to know how to

  • Share POI
  • POI detail screen (info, map, decription)
  • Current distance to the POI
  • Open web link of the POI
  • List of POI
  • Sort POI by distance or by alphabeth if location is unknown
  • Search POI with suggestion . . .

And besides, following the Marshmallow version in January, we’re now with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3). But we stay with Android and Gradle – which is quite comforting – and I’m pleased that even on apps we can have cool:

  • Animated action bars
  • Parallax scrolling effects
  • Ripple effects and
  • Favorite spots and more.

For now, by favorite spot will be in the Village Sushi just now – all Wi-Fi by the way, even down here in the boonies – with my main POI’s on the menu and the culinary art of a true Japanese sushi chef. That’s 7 years of training . . . so I won’t say another word about the hardship of learning app development on an Ice Cream Sandwich.

This ain’t the last word about apps!