Book Review The Immortal Life of Piu Piu

Magical Realism Book Review 2016

The Magic of Many Lifetimes 

Some books come very close to being holy writ, sacred in their reach, profound in their wisdom, delightful in their humor, well-anchored in the world as we know it, fueled by the worlds we yearn for. This is such a book, with wonderful storytelling as well. You’ll meet Pippa, the girl who loves nature and thirsts for knowledge. You’ll meet Piu Piu, the one who takes the plunge into a brief flirtation with our temporal life and thirsts for freedom. Look closely: behind the magic, you’ll probably meet yourself. Highly recommended and magical.

~ By M.R. Campbell, Author of Satire and Magical Realism

5 Star Review on – 25.11.2016

5 Star Book Review of "The Immortal Life of Piu Piu" on Amazon

The Power of Book Reviews

Like ‘word-of-mouth’, independent book reviews help readers find what they really want.

Personally, when I look for a book, I normally search with a clear purpose in mind, meaning, I know what I want. Either I know the book’s title or the author’s name. I  have so many books on my ‘to-read-list’, and even more on my coffee table and on my desktop Kindle, that I hardly browse to look for more. While I also edit and translate books for fellow writers – which is a lot of reading ! – I read a lot of books for research. I read great books by accomplished writers – often classics – to improve my knowledge and my own writing. And I read the books I give as gifts. While I prefer a non-fiction book in digital format as I might never look at it again, I love to hold a real book in my hands, especially if I cherish its contents and wish to come back to it again and again. Since I’ve entered the indie author arena myself this year (2016), I enjoy meeting other authors and reading their work – which is an almost impossible task and resembles an unstoppable river coming down and growing all the time!

I’m convinced that many indie authors feel exactly the same . . . We all still have to find the time to write and to market our books . . . What an enormous task this is! It can only be passion!

But most readers aren’t writers – at least not until now, although everyone has a story within them! – hence they love to browse! So while they may know their favourite fiction genre – say metaphysical fiction, a mystery series or magical realism –  what attracts them as they scroll through the endless lists of book titles, say on Amazon or in the Kindle Shop, will be one or more of the following elements the author and/or publisher have carefully pre-defined as potential magnets to make a particular book simply irresistible for them:

  • a beautiful cover, that stands out,
  • a title that might resonate with them,
  • a sub-title that offers further insights and raises curiosity,
  • some hooks that trigger their interest within an artfully crafted description and
  • a number of sincere, well-written and positive ‘reader reviews’ that create trust!

Just as I listen to book recommendations by my trusted friends and authors whose taste and background I know and respect, avid readers who are looking for their next book want to know what other readers said about a certain book . . . and, especially, how it made them feel!

Isn’t that what we all want when we dive into someone else’s magical world, which turns out to be – in some way or another – our own? A space of trust with values that we share? Where we all share the same frequency as ONE?

This is why I thank fellow magical realism author, M.R. Campbell, for a precious 5-star review on Amazon as well as on Goodreads for my visionary fiction book.

Oh, and I haven’t even started to promote  ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu”  on that platform yet! Speaking of a ‘to-do-list’ . . . and this while the next mystery book is already  waiting to be written.



I am grateful for your feedback and love to be in touch with my readers. Also, do keep an eye on MY WEBSITE HERE and grab the FREE BOOK that will be available very soon! Surprise!

2016 Book Reviews Fiction

Life is a desire, not a meaning!

“Life is a desire, not a meaning, Princess!”

Slowly, she drifted away through intelligent emptiness, further and further, alone. She felt some of her essence flowing out of her to remain in the spiritual realm. Although it was too abstract even to imagine, she remembered that this would be the hardest to endure: the loss of home, the perception of separation.

~ Extract from ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’ – a magical realism mystery novel by Bianca Gubalke

5 Star Book Review of "The Immortal Life of Piu Piu" on Amazon


5 Star Book Review

Life is a desire, not a meaning!
~ Charlie Chaplin

Pippa is an orphan girl who undergoes several life incarnations. This is the story of her awakening and self-discovery, made magical with the help of vibrant and talkative creatures: an Egyptian goose, a wily tomcat, a famished caracal who vows to eat Pippa before her third birthday, to name a few.

It is a spiritual tale, grounded in the realistic, botanical beauty of South Africa. Through each incarnation, Pippa comes of age in new and different ways, swimming through time while learning of timelessness, contained in a body while learning of her limitless capacities. An imaginative, thought-provoking story that deals with the nature of life and death, and questions the very nature of reality. Poignant, funny, and beautifully written, it will delight the child within adults, and younger audiences, too, who yearn to explore the great mysteries of a multi-dimensional universe.

~ By Robin Gregory, Award-winning Author of
‘The Improbable Wonders of  Moojie Littleman

5 Star Review on – 20.11.2016

Reader Feedback

Independent book reviews help readers find what they want – THANK YOU for a wonderful 5-Star review – both on Amazon and Goodreads! I value honest reader feedback; please feel free to comment or contact me!

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