Have you set up your Facebook Page

How to use Facebook to promote your writing

We just completed the first round of this month’s Ycademy webinar, which focused on the background and creation of professional Facebook pages. This is different from our usual profile page, meaning the one we all start with when we join this immensely popular social media platform. And which author hasn’t heard – or been told – and this regardless of whether he or she are traditionally published or brave indie authors, that it is imperative to “…build a large and forever growing social media following”?

Bianca Gubalke Facebook Author Page

Well, I’m guilty, too . . . I simply didn’t take the time to do it, relying on my profile page, where I could easily communicate with my family and friends. There is just sooo much you can accomplish within 24 hours if you also want to write!

But it’s true, we shouldn’t ignore what Facebook offers us as authors – or any other business oriented person for that matter. There’s a wide range of possibilities to choose from – be it for a local business, to sell products, for artists, authors and photographers etc to present themselves and their work, for entertainment – including books – as well as an option to build communities around certain topics and themes. Depending on our goals and target markets or intentions, it makes a lot of sense to take the time and set up a new Facebook page (it’s like a satellite to our already existing Facebook Profile page), to go through the settings, step-by-step, and implement some really cool publishing tools.

Ask yourself: Is my audience local? Who do I target? The whole world? Only the English speaking world? What is the age group that might be interested in my work, product or service? Male or female? And where do they live?

My new Facebook Author Page

What matters most – even before starting out – is to have a clear vision of what this Facebook Page is all about. What it means to us and to our readers, audience, following.  In this case, my focus is on my work as a writer of visionary fiction and magical realism – hence the choice was a logical one: an author page.

Then you want to create an attractive design, starting with the header image. What do your readers see when they come to your page? What do you want them to see, understand, read or be drawn to? For this we need a header image of 851 x 315 px (desktop version) and in 640 x 360 px  for the mobile version – I show my first example below:

Bianca Gubalke Facebook Author Page

As I love to do digital photography, and I recently captured this dramatic sunset picture during a violent thunderstorm here in Noordhoek, South Africa, this is what I chose. It relates directly to my free downloadable book: “The Magical Garden and my visionary fiction novel The Immortal Life of Piu Piu“. 

Do you like it? Please comment . . . and if you like visionary fiction with a mystery edge that touches your soul and makes you feel real good, go grab a copy!

But back to Facebook: it also allows us to change the header from time to time – or whenever we want – say when we’ve written a new book, hence keeping things fresh and snazzy and giving our visitors and fans always an attractive reading experience. Both on their desktops and on their mobile phones.

Bianca Gubalke Facebook Author Page

Last note: The Ycademy Seminar continues in form of workshops over the following weeks. Once all students have completed the setup, we will dive into Facebook Marketing strategies!

Stay tuned!

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Easter my favourite time

Easter in Namibia

If I look back in time, my favourite feast has always been Easter! In those delightful childhood days in Namibia (South Africa) it was the time when the first rains had arrived – eagerly-awaited – covering the scorched desert sand with a carpet of bright yellow ‘morning stars’, literally overnight, and triggering a symphony of new green leaves sprouting on camelthorn bushes and acacias. A sense of awakening was in the air that raised the earth’s vibrations including everyone, big or small, who dwelled upon her! A new beginning!

Happy Easter 2017 by Bianca Gubalke

“What you are the vibration of, appears.”

~ From the visionary fiction novel  ‘The Immortal Life of Piu Piu’

What fascinated me most was the magic of new animal life that manifested itself within the sudden abundance. Those tiny new-born antelopes hopping to their feet to follow their moms – springbok, wildebeest and kudu – when we kids roamed through the bush to find what the Easter Bunny had hidden for us! But – already then, and that was the secret – it was much more about what we’d discover along the way than what we actually found in the end . . . if we found it at all! Sometimes, the chocolate egg had melted in the glazing sun and had become a welcome alternative to seeds for a whole colony of large marching ants. We never meddled with those. Or it had been discovered and pinched by a clever baboon who smiled at us from high up in a thorny tree, eyes glittering with an air of superiority, and pieces of silver wrappings sailing down. Which we duly collected and carried home like trophies of a new funny story to tell. Sometimes, we found the remains of the Easter Feast a year later . . . or two . . . or we never found it at all!

It is the path that matters

If you think about it, it’s the path itself that matters much more than the goal. And as we dance between worlds, each new beginning reminds us to hold on a moment, to breathe, and then to let go and abandon the chaos outside . . . to turn within.

This is not about escapism, not at all, it’s about choice!  Our free choice, that is. Our choice to look past the illusion and see with our heart. Isn’t it time to – consciously – open ourselves to the Light we all carry within, no matter who we are or where we find ourselves on our journey? No better time than now to trust our divine intuition, to follow the inner guidance that is always present within a sacred space we all share!

I’m wishing you a blessed time!