Born with Wings Interview

Visionary Fiction

Ellis Nelson interviews Bianca Gubalke

Today I welcome Bianca Gubalke to talk about her book, Born With Wings: The Immortal Life of Piu Piu.

Bianca is an award-winning screenplay writer and artist, a passionate gardener, teacher and metaphysics student.

I recently finished her incredible work of visionary fiction. It’s one of those rare books that starts off immediately in the spiritual realm. From start to finish, this is visionary fiction at its finest and most bold. Swept up in the tale of incarnation, life, struggle, and purpose we follow the beautifully drawn characters as the author weaves a wonderful tale. An injured gosling and a little girl come together in lush and magical South Africa. There’s a call from ancestors and a drive for purpose, and danger’s never far away. It’s a captivating tale, a journey of emotions through life, death, and rebirth.

Thank you for joining me, Bianca!

BG: Thank you for having me! I’m delighted to be here!

EN: What were your first glimmers of this story? Was it of the characters, the setting, or the plot itself?

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BORN WITH WINGS by Visionary Fiction Author Bianca Gubalke




Bianca Gubalke is a Member of the Visionary Fiction Alliance



Fresh Honey

Fresh Honey

Today was the day to get fresh honey from the honey coombs in a wild tree in my garden – what a privilege to capture the delicious golden liquid bearing in mind that honey bees are on a sharp decline all over the world. A little drunken from a combination of smoke and honey, the little fellow below dries on my finger and will soon buzz off. When getting the honey coombs we want to ensure that no bee is harmed and can return safely to the hive and its queen.


Fresh Honey

Fresh honey – true liquid gold!

Honey coomb from my Garden

Only a few people know that we owe about each third mouthfull of any food we eat to be healthy and strong to the services of the honey bee: it is crucially important to pollinate fruit trees and the many foods we grow for our own survival as a species.

It was Albert Einstein (I think, if I remember correctly…) who said that should the honey bee disappear from the planet the human being would follow shortly.

Not so in my garden… it’s part of my vision and environmental contribution to help ensure the honey bees are here to stay!

And by the way: I’m dedicating a whole chapter of the book I am currently writing to… the honeybee!