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 BORN WITH WINGS – Book Extract

“If you watch closely,” he said, “you will notice that they are looking for seeds that have little fleshy parts attached to them, the elaiosomes. These they carry into their nests to feed their babies. This is how seeds are dispersed underground. At some point in the future, when they know their time has come, they will germinate and grow.”

There was an appraising look in his eyes when he added: “As with many things of value in life, first they have to go through fire.”

She absorbed his words for a while, then asked: “Do plants know that their time is limited? I mean . . . that they die?”

Bending down to her, he gave her an enigmatic glance: “You have to become the plant if you want to uncover its soul.”

“How on earth would I do that,” she thought to herself, her eyelids fluttering under his stare.

What you are the vibration of, appears. What you are not the vibration of remains invisible to you. That’s the secret,” he said.

Born With Wings - Visionary Fiction Novel by Bianca Gubalke (2017)

Photo by Bianca Gubalke in May 2018: ‘Green Praying mantis’

Quoted from “Born with Wings – The Immortal Life of Piu Piu”
Visionary fiction novel by Bianca Gubalke

BORN WITH WINGS by Visionary Fiction Author Bianca Gubalke


International Womens Day 2018

To All Amazing Women:

Happy Women's Day 2018

“Each woman carries within herself

the promise, the passion and the power

to create, to nurture and to transcend!”

~ by Bianca  Gubalke ~

Happy Women’s Day 2018!

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 from Noordhoek (Cape Town), South Africa!

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

The above photo for my “Merry Christmas 2013” Greeting to all of you features Chapman’s Peak in Noordhoek, South Africa, as seen through the strelitzias in my garden.

May you all Merry Christmas 2013 together with your family and loved ones!

Winter in Cape Town

Winter in Cape Town

Winter has definitely arrived in Cape Town, South Africa – with a cold, rainy and extremely stormy weather. Time to stay inside near the fireplace or hibernate… wouldn’t that be nice. But then there are these stunning days inbetween where the sun just shows us that it’s still there and to be counted on! And we all follow its promising invitation and spend some time in Nature, breathing it in and enjoying the many beautiful places Cape Town has to offer… like Steenberg Wine Estate as on this black & white photo.

Steenberg Wine Estate Image by Bianca Gubalke Photography

Winter in Cape Town

With winter in Cape Town having been so violent and harsh these last days, there was no ways I would have gone out to take some photos, which is normally a daily habit and definitely my passion. My fingers would have frozen by the mere thought… however, the sun is back (…not for long though), the days are already becoming longer… and here is the next photo shot at one of my favourite hangout places in Steenberg Wine Estate.

There’s nothing like Black & White Photography…

Fire in Noordhoek Wetlands

Fire in Noordhoek Wetlands

It was a beautifully sunny and quite windy day yesterday… a Saturday when most families went out or came to Noordhoek so their kids could meet Father Christmas. A day of celebration and joy.

However, when I heard that noise in the air… and more and more of it and longer and longer… a noise I remember so well from the historic fires in 2000 when the whole Cape Peninsular burnt and we had to leave our home… I knew there was trouble. And though the wind was not blowing in our direction, so I couldn’t smell it yet… there it was: a huge fire in Noordhoek Wetlands! The photo below was taken directly from my terrace.

Fire in Noordhoek Wetlands Photo by Bianca Gubalke

A couple of helicopters carrying water were doing their courageous manoeuvers trying to get it out. At times 4 of them, especially as the wind was blowing harder and straight towards ‘The Lakes’ residential area. It was quite spectacular to see even small airplanes joining the crowd in the air to check what was going on below… and yes, a lot of terror and stress for many animals who live in this very rare region. There are just a few wetlands left in the world and they all abound with wildlife… much of which has no wings to fly away for safety.

Fire in Noordhoek Wetlands

This fire in the Noordhoek Wetlands – basically just down the road from us – should remind everybody living in and around Cape Town to watch out, especially if you ar a smoker. Please watch those cigarette butts as it’s so dry that they could easily ignite a fire… and all fires start small… just a little spark and with the right wind it can rapidly develop into a huge destructive and unstoppable force. We’ve seen it; we know what it means.

Watch out for Fires on Table Mountain

For me this has been the driest year ever since I am back in South Africa.

Never did we see our dam as empty as it has been this year. Never did we have a year without the Egyptian Geese breeding here and presenting us with 8 to 12 chicks. And although I am very grateful for the light rains that are going down right now, and despite of the forecasts of the weather experts that 2011 would see a very wet and cold winter – nothing of which came true -… I just know that there is danger lurking and we have to watch out for Fires on and around Table Mountain! When we hiked through various areas of Silvermine Nature Reserve during the winter months we did not see the usual waterfalls and rivulets as in other years. I don’t remember seeing the huge waterfall thundering down from the mountain range behind us either asnd I did look out for it…

I’m no expert, but as a child of this country I feel things intuitively – and this means to be extra careful as fires are a realistic threat in the hot and dry season that has started… And to treat water as what it is: very precious. We may not have enough of it this summer… so let’s use it with care in the true sense of sharing.