Exploring new features on Photoshop CS6

While I believe in good digital photography right from the start, where more or less nothing needs to be added, changed, tweeked or altered, I enjoy exploring the new features on my Photoshop CS6, namely the new oil paint filter. I just took it as a personal task, an experiment, a fresh game. What can it do? Where does it makes sense?

Exploring new features on Photoshop CS6 by Bianca Gubalke

Exploring new features on Photoshop CS6

The oil paint filter is a new feature on Photoshop CS6, at least in this form. I played with it to see how it could pep up a simple picture taken of my beautiful friend waiting for me to take him on a winter walk in the Noordhoek mountains. The original was a nice memory in color, but nothing more, rather banal – so what I wanted was a mix of black & white and colour with my usual ‘winter touch’ combined with the typical aspect of an oil painting, as far as that is possible on the web (…nothing beats the touch and feel of a real painting of course!). So here I worked with masks, blurs, selections, channels and… the result is quite interesting… especially when I go to 100% and look at the structures, lines, movements which seem to follow the provided shapes in a very smooth and in fact pretty amazing way.

Exploring new features on Photoshop CS6 by Bianca Gubalke - detail

When doing these exercises we want to observe what’s happening to understand the underlying principles and visual effects – and then memorize them for future use, an occasion when that little something extra, hardly noticeable if at all… just makes the difference. This photo has definitely gained by my exploration into Photoshop’s new toolbox!