Born with Wings Interview

Visionary Fiction

Ellis Nelson interviews Bianca Gubalke

Today I welcome Bianca Gubalke to talk about her book, Born With Wings: The Immortal Life of Piu Piu.

Bianca is an award-winning screenplay writer and artist, a passionate gardener, teacher and metaphysics student.

I recently finished her incredible work of visionary fiction. It’s one of those rare books that starts off immediately in the spiritual realm. From start to finish, this is visionary fiction at its finest and most bold. Swept up in the tale of incarnation, life, struggle, and purpose we follow the beautifully drawn characters as the author weaves a wonderful tale. An injured gosling and a little girl come together in lush and magical South Africa. There’s a call from ancestors and a drive for purpose, and danger’s never far away. It’s a captivating tale, a journey of emotions through life, death, and rebirth.

Thank you for joining me, Bianca!

BG: Thank you for having me! I’m delighted to be here!

EN: What were your first glimmers of this story? Was it of the characters, the setting, or the plot itself?

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BORN WITH WINGS by Visionary Fiction Author Bianca Gubalke




Bianca Gubalke is a Member of the Visionary Fiction Alliance


Born with Wings

Visionary Fiction – Book Review

Book Review: Born With Wings by Bianca Gubalke

“I recently finished the incredible work of visionary fiction by author Bianca Gubalke.
It’s one of those rare books that starts off immediately in the spiritual realm. From start to finish, this is visionary fiction at its finest and most bold. Swept up in the tale of incarnation, life, struggle, and purpose we follow the beautifully drawn characters as the author weaves a wonderful tale. An injured gosling and a little girl come together in lush and magical South Africa. There’s a call from ancestors and a drive for purpose, and danger’s never far away.
It’s a captivating tale, a journey of emotions through life, death, and rebirth.”

Book review by Ellis Nelson on Amazon – 18 April 2018

A new Consciousness for Readers

‘Born with Wings’ – New Book Review

With an exotic setting against the backdrop of the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa, Born with Wings: The Immortal Life of Piu Piu by Bianca Gubalke takes the reader on a spiritual journey that explores the mystery of life and the triumph over fear. Right off the bat, the reader is introduced to Anata who seeks wisdom relating to her next incarnation from an Elder. It is interesting to notice that she’d forget who she is and be left alone with the freedom to choose what her next life could be like.
With fear stalking her every step, can she still remember “home” and her real purpose?
5 Stars for Born With Wings

When she enters her next life, she is a gosling that falls at the feet of Pippa, an African girl who adopts her. Now, an interesting adventure begins, a journey that will bring Piu Piu to the heart of grave dangers, making her face an enemy that would do anything to destroy her, a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

This novel is a great success on many levels.

Bianca Gubalke tells a story that will awaken a new consciousness in readers, a story that unveils the face of life and allows readers to ask questions about where they come from and what destiny holds for them.
The writing is crisp, somewhat evocative, laced with powerful images and symbolism. The author challenges readers to look past appearances, to learn to pay attention to the life surging within and around them, and to get a glimpse of a world beyond the physical.
I enjoyed the unpredictability in plot development, the pacing, the wonderful character development and the vivid setting. Born with Wings: The Immortal Life of Piu Piu is an inspiring story that will test the way we see life, ourselves, and the world around us.

This novel is a great success on many levels.


~ By Divine Zape on Barnes & Noble – November 2017 BORN WITH WINGS - The Immortal Life of Piu Piu - A Novel


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Following our Seminar in January 2015 and based on the increased complexity of building custom WordPress themes, the Ycademy Seminar February 2015 continued its focus on the introduction of the most flexible framework for WP themes to be included in YORGOO: the Ultimate WP Theme Builder – offering brilliant features like the Layer Slider, the Revolution Slider – and, of course, the Composer and various Ultimate Add-ons. And much more – no or very little code needed.

The HOTTEST Seminar in 15 years...



Cape Town March 2015 Inferno

Due to horrific fires blazing down the mountains at gale-force speed here in Noordhoek, South of Cape Town, South Africa, and the fact that we had to leave our homes rather pronto to get our kids, pets and most important items like PCs into safety before joining the fire fighting troops, this post is late and short and I’m not yet completely ‘settled’ seeing what lies ahead in terms of cleanup and restructuring – thanks for your understanding! The below picture shows the moment I left – literally shaking and colours untouched: THIS is what I saw:

Leaving home to escape the flames

What was lying before us was an inferno that lasted for 3 memorable days and nights that only those who went through the historic ‘Cape of Flames’ in January 2000 may have ever seen. Well, we went through those, too, and our entire garden went up in flames. Ironically, the background of my novel ‘Piu Piu‘, currently in the publishing pipeline.

While Nature’s forces cannot be stopped, it’s amazing what we humans can achieve if we stand together for a common cause! As such, all our gratitude and respect goes out to the courageous and skillful Cape Town pilots of helicopters and planes that water-bombed the hotspots during the day to stop the desaster from spreading to residential areas, and the many committed fire fighters, volunteers and community members who did not rest until the worst was over – our hearts go out to them for the selfless service given – a service that certainly helped to save many houses if not lives.

Impossible for me to take any pictures during the drama – except the one above when I left – as all hands were needed to extinguish the flames or assist in one or the other way. So get a taste of what we went through and what lies ahead for those with major damage if not their entire houses burnt down by watching the Cape Town Mountain Fires March 2015 here.

Living in one of the world’s “…richest floral kingdoms”… namely the so-called fynbos (fine bush) with its large varieties of proteas, pincushions, restios and reeds, comes with a price: fynbos burns in a natural 15 year rhythm. This is how the old groundcover and bushes are eliminated and turned into highly nutritious soil while seedpods burst open to release their seeds. Other seeds that have been lying dormant in the ground for years, start to move and stretch reaching out for the light. Just wait until the first – hopefully light – rains have fallen and the miracle of new life splashes colours across the dark ashes of the mountains and burnt valleys, filling us with awe and joy! Fire is one of Nature’s fascinating ways to create the space for something new and beautiful – amazing!

15 years… that takes us to 2030… Peace!





New Year’s Day with a difference

2015 starting with a Big Bang!

There is one sound you will never forget once you’ve heard it once… and that is the screaching rotor blades of a fire fighting helicopter thundering past your home. Well, it feels more like going through it… shaking your heart and bones! That’s how our New Year’s Day 2015 started with a difference here in Noordhoek, South Africa: with a massive Big Bang! that instantly, and brutally, terminated the valley’s peaceful slumber in the early morning hours.

Fires over Noordhoek


It was burning right next to us, above the vineyards. Once again, the violent beast was blasting down the mountains, reminding me of the drama we went through exactly 15 years ago, almost to the day. Again, two helicopters were flying nonstop, collecting water from the dam, and then rising up into the mountain to extinguish the flames; the whole operation coordinated from a third plane.

Hot New Year 2015

Strangely, I could not smell the fire, which I usually do long before it reaches us. But – luckily – it was a windstill morning and, after about three hours of relentless flying and extremely focused work by the courageous pilots, the beast went to sleep… and it did not awake again. Finally, my blue agapanthus rejoiced and welcomed the new year.


Piu Piu watching the fire

What was utterly amazing: suddenly, out of nowhere, Piu Piu, the Egyptian goose, appeared and was braving the fire and the helicopters from our chimney, honking like mad! It was a totally surrealistic picture, and even better caught on film. One’s gotta see it to believe it… but absolutely true! I’m working on a little clip that I will load to YouTube at some stage, but what I did not know then – and I did not want to leave the house nor block some access roads to the rescue operations to get a better picture of what was actually happening – I had no idea as to how big the fire really was: the whole mountain top was on fire! It was one of 8 fires that day (according to the newspapers…) ! How lucky we were this time… And the cause? The reason? Newspapers blamed it on fire crackers, which are not allowed in the area anyway as hot weather and the dryness of vegetation are a huge fire risk at this time of the year. Also, as Noordhoek is the oasis for horse and animal lovers, no one right in their mind would ever light a fire cracker in this area. In my view, it could have been anything… even a piece of glass reflecting the burning sun. We had a number of fires in the valley since, and the helicopters were out there again. They are getting some exercise this year…

I remember that today, the 7th, 15 years ago, we had the historic and devastating ‘Cape of Flames’. May we be spared a repetition – but let’s light our inner fires to embrace an astonishing new year filled with opportunity and many chances to love, to grow and to share!



Blue Iris Flower Power

Summer in Cape Town

The Power of the Blue Iris! Finally, the summer temperatures are climbing down here in Noordhoek, South Africa, just about 30 minutes from the Mother city: Cape Town! And while the evening sun sneaks once again around Chapman’s Peak as each year at this time, and a strange mist hovers above Noordhoek Beach, the magic flowers in my pond are exploding in magnificent hues of blue and violet to reflect the sun’s last rays.

Blue Iris photographed by Bianca Gubalke

Give me a camera and I forget time and myself – especially with these flamboyant beauties that more than often resemble winged beasts breathing the very essence of opulence and joy!

Blue Iris Flower Power

Being a Nature freak as you know from my various posts and photos on flowers – see also the ‘Cup of Gold’ – I always loved the Blue Iris – Iris versicolor (versicolor meaning ‘rainbow’ in Greek). I just could not find the ones I wanted in the local nurseries! But things really happened once a dear friend in the romantic Noordhoek valley – who owns the most amazing ‘iris pond’ – kindly gave me some plants and rhizomes. Admittedly, it’s hard work to clean these rather large and heavy plants; these were certainly 80 to 100 cms. I was warned of a certain algae that was most likely to come along with the gift. Although I literally showered and thoroughly cleaned each plant before potting them all and then inserting them in the dam and a smaller pond, I could not avoid it as I know by now. I briefly thought it were the eatable water blommetjies, but no! Nevertheless, in my mind’s eye, I saw them already flowering and offering me the most amazing sight from my kitchen window!

Oh, I’m big at dreaming…

But before the dream literally came true, I had some close encounters with a family of wild porcupines who just thought these new arrivals were the best thing on their dinner plate (as they had already finished off whatever arum lilies they could spot in the garden). So I schlepped most of the pots from the dam into the enclosed and therefore ‘porcupine-safe’ pond. Lo and behold – how they thanked me for it now, as spring turned into summer! They have everyone stop in their tracks in awe and admiration! I can’t get enough of them; their colours constantly change in dramatical ways following the light or absence thereof. The rhythm of their upright leaves, often in kinetic formations, highlighted by the sun while the background still slumbers in the shadows, with a dash of red from a bottlebrush tree caught by a wandering ray hanging just above their heads – a constantly changing display of expression and an invitation to let go, to heal, to be.

Iris versicolor photographed by Bianca Gubalke.

What a surprise when, just some hours ago, I discovered the first blue iris seed pod! Big as a thumb, I had never seen this before and actually looked the seeds up on Google to learn more and know what I could do from here. How exciting: so propagation also takes place via seeds. What I learned is that, eventually, the pod will change its colour slightly, dry out, until the pointed tip breaks open to release its seed. I will keep an eye on them and be there to collect them before the birds or a sneaky squirrel can, and then spread them on clean paper until they are dry. Then I will try my luck at planting the seeds!

So exciting! If anyone has some advice and/or experience, please comment!

I promise to keep you posted…



Spring in Noordhoek

Flowering almond trees

Finally, spring has come to Noordhoek, South Africa, and here is a digital photo of my flowering almond trees that I planted this winter!

Almond blossoms photographed by Bianca Gubalke


The white flower buds on this deciduous tree open before the leaves appear, normally as of two years – that’s the stage my trees are in. Aren’t they just too gorgeous? What a gift after all those thunderstorms, hail, snow in the mountains, debilitatingly cold temperatures (we are spoilt, yeah!) and torrential rains! Many flower seeds I had already put out in the ground just got swamped away – and now this! Fertility is reached at about four years – about 2 years from now – and the highest yield of fruit (containing the edible seeds called almonds) can be expected at seven to nine years. The nuts take half a year to develop after the blossoming stage, and, as we have many squirrels and birds in the garden, the question will be ‘who’s first’?

Although almond trees are hermaphrodite, down here we have to plant two different sorts of almond trees for pollination purposes. As our trees are within a large lavender field, there will be no shortage of bees, ever!

With seeds and nuts, fruit and veggies being the essential parts of my daily meals, I am looking forward to getting the almonds from my own garden. I will follow the developments in the lavender field closely – and with my camera in hand! Can’t wait for the fruit to grow. Once all the outer shells are open, the seeds can be harvested – so exciting!

Spring in Noordhoek

Spring in Noordhoek is really my favourite time of the year! Besides, it makes the ‘Law of Opposites’ so clear: we would never appreciate light if we didn’t know darkness… or joy without sadness… nor success without failure!

With this in mind I wish everyone a fabulous week ahead!