Psychic Readings Website

Psychic Readings Website

The design of the Psychic Readings Website was no easy task from a search engine optimization point of view, especially as there is stiff competition on Google around anything related to psychics, astrology and the so-called paranormal.

Psychic Readings Online on Google Top 10

Psychic Readings Website

As Delia O’Riordan, owner of the Psychic Readings Website is a prolific writer in many areas pertaining to her field of expertise, she wants to see her articles and posts regularly on Google Top 10.

Part of my regular check and monitoring as a webmaster is to see ‘where the posts are going’ in case we have to switch gears or make some strategic changes or adaptations – and sure enough, as you see on the screenshot above, her article “Psychic Readings and Belief in Angels” is right where it belongs, namely on position one ahead of the competition.

Psychic Readings on Semiomantics XO

As the website “Psychic Readings” runs on a WordPress based Semiomantics XO Script with smart optimization, I checked the next post – one where competition was even fiercer with well over 4,2 million search returns.

Psychic Readings Online Performance on Google

As you see on the screenshot above, here as well ‘Just Ask Delia’ occupies the first two positions with her article “Psychic Vision the Magic Flute”, attracting traffic, visitors and potential customers. I would call this a top performance!

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